DJ Neil Armstrong – WarmFuzzy

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There are quite a few cats that take originality to another level in the mixtape game. I’m not sure if DANGER MOUSE can even be considered a mixtape DJ, but the end result of his experiment can’t be denied. The dude made history. NEIL is definitely one of my favorites and he never disappoints. There is always something unusual about what he does. He approaches the scene like a scientist and I hear different DJ’s run on about their blending skills, but what do they ever do besides put a beat to an accapella? How many of them can change your mood or facial expression based on song selection? NEIL makes that his mission with every swipe of his fader.

My father listened to “WARMFUZZY” the other night while he was working. When I saw him the next morning he said “that boy NEIL ARMSTRONG shit is alright!” His work was also endorsed by my “good dude” EV. He anointed “WARMFUZZY” the official “panty dropper tape”. NEIL uses an eclectic mix of rock, R&B; and reggae and fuses them unbelievably. I can appreciate the R&B; tracks of today, but isn’t it special when you can hear a classic meshed to perfection with one of this generations stars. You don’t believe it can be done? Take a listen to “YOU DON’T KNOW MY NAME”. For those who aren’t in the know, that is indeed the incomparable MAIN INGREDIENT. There are so many different elements involved in “SELFISH/GEORGIE PORGIE” the only way I could possibly explain it was to include the clip along with the review.

Before I exit, I want to touch on a subject that is very dear to me. I hope this is the year that NEIL gets the love that many have bestowed upon far less original DJs. No he doesn’t chase down engineers for exclusives that haven’t been mastered yet and he doesn’t eat lunch with the “MASTERS OF THE BILLBOARDS UNIVERSE”, he is simply in his own world. Dudes releases are something that I can play at dinner parties along with that car ride that I give my grandma to her friends when my daughter is riding in the back. Isn’t there something to be said for that?