DJ Nice, Legend & Joell Ortiz – Brooklyn Bomber

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DJ Nice is on a roll with the projects this year. First the Budden joint and now Joell…I see a pattern. Lol. No bullshit, I haven’t taken this out of my ride in five days. I’m eating up the lyrics like it was a free Pizza Hut buffet. If it’s one MC this year to bring the essence of hip hop music back its Joell Ortiz. Shout to DJ Nice and Legend for shinning the spotlight on an MC that deserves it. If you haven’t figured it out by now this joint is all Joell…new shit, classic tracks and rare jewels that you more than likely slept on. Zzzz

“He’s Here” is my shit; classic mixtape music thru and thru and he breaks down the artist side of the mixtape game too. “I’m sicker than Magic Johnson, Greg Louganis / I bet you famous ni99as is shaking in your….boots”. You can’t have a track with Joell, Stimuli and Grafh on it and it not pop off. “125 Part 2” is the epitome of high caliber flow. When you get a chance break down the word play on “Who Shot Ya”. “It gets ugly when I’m in the booth / booths I get in get so hot they gotta build a sun roof / I roof son Jibs / one by one shit.” The remixes on here, “Hip Hop” with Jada and Saigon and “Brooklyn” with Casmere, Maino and Big Daddy Kane lyrically beat the sit outta 80% of hip hop music in 2008 right now. I’m all for having fun and shit but we missing lyrics right now…gotta have that balance. I would be a crime if I didn’t highlight the “90s Free Agent” freestyle. Joell goes in on that Smooth Da Hustler beat like the MIC vet he is….syringe sold separately. So we all know Joell can flip a mixtape track and spit a freestyle with the best of MCs but what about an actual track? I only have to mention one joint..”Ups and Downs”. Statik Selektah on the beat, simple but catchy hook and bars filled with potent product. If you haven’t bumped that track hard this year I feel sorry for your mother.

The thing I like most about this project is that DJ Nice and Legend highlight all of Joell’s strengths on the MIC. Plus the balance of freestyles to original joints was done to perfection too. I don’t know what the future holds for Joell with the state of the music industry tho. I know he’s got a decent fan base that supports his music and if he consistently drops good joints while getting creative with the delivery of that product he might just sustain a long career.