DJ Noodles & Blitz – It’s A Problem Vol. 1

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This rap game is no joke people. It will chew you up and spit you out. Record labels and even fans show little loyalty. You have to persevere, take no prisoners and claw your way to the top. Any fan of Queensbridge Music has heard of Blitz. He’s done features with Nas and appeared on classic compilations. I’m sick of saying MCs are slept on. Its cliche’. Suffice it to say Blitz is an MC people need to hear…..lets find out why.

Speaking of features with Nas you gotta peep “Hush”. Def diggin’ the concept of this track, Blitz more than hold his own along side Nas….and that alone is saying some shit. We jumping right into the mixtape tracks, fuck that. “Across The Tracks” is just a poingant ass beat and Blitz sounded comfortable as hell on it. The CD didn’t really start to fully heat up till “Born In QB”. I’ve said it before, if an east coast MC at heart can flip a southern beat and sound proper on it then you know they got skills. The hook aside, Blitz’s flow is effortless and full of flat out swagger…”heads up or heads off”. That right there sums up QB. Shout to Noodles who hit the boards hard producing “Run For Your Life”. That’s an ill vocal sample. Blitz said “I’m the son of a loose cannon / papa used to roll with his two cannons / mama on some gang shit…” damn Blitz painting an ill as up bringing. “Hood Things” is easily my favorite track. This is the personification of Blitz’s sound and is the track where it all comes together. Plus it was the best hook on the whole CD too. Flow wise Blitz was on and off, meaning certain beats complimented his flow while a couple others made him sound chopy. “Streets Are Talking” showed Blitz getting it in something fierce; almost liquid and then “Throw It Up” came off a lil bumpy. Could’ve been the levels tho cause the beat was mad low.

Is Blitz a problem? Most def….on the right beat. It’s obvious he knows who he is, where he comes from and where he’s trying to go. He’s more than half way there but it come down to finding his “sound”. That shit where you hear a beat and just know it was made for you. DJ Noodles on the production is good look and when making a mixtape you really got to know the MC to pick the “mixtape” tracks properly as well and Noodles did a good job of this.