DJ Noodles – Fix Your Face Vol. 1

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Can I get an amen? Thank you. With the Blend game in shambles right now who will step up to lead us into 2008? Who will be that person to figure out the blend matrix and understand that it’s ok to sprinkle in some quality mixtape freestyles and/or original tracks from the underground? It may be DJ Noodles because at least you can hear that he “gets it” on this project.

I can’t stop playing “Don’t Stop Seezzin”. Title aside, this shit is crack on a stick. That’s a fairly old Jada verse too but Noodles gave that shit proper CPR and made an anthem for the block. Technically speaking “You Can Tell That I’m Paid” was crazy…song wise I think that songs dead on cats ears right now. Are cats fucking with Serius Jones? Shit….”Get It How U Live” got that energy to it man. Noodles on the beat, Serius sounding like a vet…someone tear open a Dutch. I don’t know why but “Locked Up” by Ludacris was my shit. That beat captures the vibe of the track perfectly, gotta dig that shit. Speaking of vibes…”America” is just flat out deep. Trazz did his thing but the bottom line is Noodles crafted a masterpiece with this one; a blend that was saying something with a message. I was stuck on Nas’ version of “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”. This is the type of beat tailor made for the him and Noodles brought that out. The sleeper blend of the CD is “Rah Rah”…that hook is classic!

This project def has balance, the south gets touched, the east and a lil west…shit is well rounded. I actually went back and forth on the rating because the shit had me open off the first couple listens then after breaking down what Noodles actually did on joints like “America” and “Rah Rah” I think he can do better. He has the ability/skill/ear to do shit like the two blends I just mentioned on every single joint. I also think he’ll drop a better blend joint by the end of the year…now it’s up to him to prove me right.