DJ Noodles – Soul Survivor

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“Syringe sold separately…”, I love that Biggie line. I used to use it in my old mixtape reviews all the time. Tape a vein people, Noodles back to bless ya’ll with some Biggie and Akon. On the really real if you know me you know I’ve never been a huge Akon fan but…. dude has been doing his thing. I’m not gonna front on that man and well his hooks got mass appeal. Throw him in the mix with Biggie and shit is proper like.

I live to catch that raw energy off a mixtape, that realness in the music that you can’t get off any major album release. “Best of Both Worlds” got that shit. I mean Akon was shinning on this joint and Biggie complimented that shit type righteous. The instant rewind joint was “Never Forget Me”. No lie this track right here embodies the whole CD to me. Biggie with that slow flow, Akon with a hook that diggs right in your soul and Jay Z paying homage. I don’t think anyone will ever forget BIG man. Shit was a hard act to follow too. “I’m So Fly” was aight, maybe just a lil to happy for me after the fact. “Look At Me Now” has that highway appeal with an old school Biggie vocal you don’t get to hear much at all anymore. “Look Me In My Eyes” was that straight head nod and Biggies vocals from “One More Chance” were riding that beat like the lyrical champ he was. I could have done without “Let It Clap” tho, the mix was lacking something to me and that hook….nah man it wasn’t working. “If I Should Die Tonight” had that proper vibe to it to the end the CD, all be it def a somber note.

If anything this CD gave me a greater appreciation for what Akon does with his music. Him and Biggie are a good fit on a track, credit that to Noodles ear for good music. One thing I noticed was the Biggie vocals used were the most on point of any Biggie blend/remix type project I’ve seen as far as fitting the “concept” of each track. It wasn’t like Noodles was using just any verse with any ol beat. The content of the song fits the title as well as Akon on the hook. The only thing, in my opinion, that held back this project back a little was the beat selection. Some of the more “commercial” sounding remixes, although done extremely well, didn’t appeal to the block music fiend that I am.