DJ Noodles & SunN.Y – Upstates Finest – The Reintroduction

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I’ve heard of DJ Noodles and I’ve heard his remixes a few times and dude is def official with it, but this is my first mixtape of his as well as my first SunNY mixtape too. Now SunN.Y is nice on MIC, cats know this and the battle shit don’t really mean nothing to me as well as these battle MCs like Jin, that dude is a straight corn muffin. SunN.Y had a serious buzz going a while a go, don’t really know what happened but he’s back on his game.

“Get Chu” is a crazy as SONG, I put the emphasis on song cause battle rappers always have a stigma that they can’t make songs but the standout track from jump is true song; the beat is tight too. Now normally I want to hear those true mixtape tracks but honestly I’m checking for the original joints to show an prove. Noodles hits the boards for “Getting Ugly” and the shit is proper like with SunN.Y fucking with the flow. The most commercially viable joint aka radio banger has got to be “Girls” featuring Biz Markie on the hook. I was like 15 when “Just A Friend” hit big for Biz and this track shows he still has the magical hook making ability. Someone needs to service this record already. The most introspective track and some shit I can relate to is “Grown Man” featuring Jae Ellis. Just a dope ass track people ain’t no more to it. The D Block joints and DMX at the end had me shaking my head a little though but bottom line is SunNy got his shit off properly.

DJ Noodles got an ill formula, reminds me a little of Mr. Get Familiar at times but the energy is crazy on this CD and so are the skills. Just enough to let you know he can DJ and just enough talking to keep you interested without being annoyed. If you’re a DJ you should already have some SunN.Y tracks for next project and if you don’t then the name of the person taking his spot better start with J and end with Z. Ya dig?