DJ Obscene – Dade County At It’s Finest

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I think it’s safe to say Florida been had next in the south. Texas who? I still fuck with Texas but it seems the people’s fascination with the region has shifted to Florida. DJ Obscene is one of the only DJs I can listen to on a consistent basis just for the simple fact he uses his skills to his advantage and his got a ear for this shit like no other. I’ve never been to Dade County but after listening to this mixtape I feel like I’ve already been there.

“Dade Country” is just a hard ass track. I don’t know any other way to describe it; Obscene on the cuts was ridiculous too. “Trilla” has that big sound, it’s catchy and you already know the potential that Rick Ross has…hit record. Speaking of hits…”Radio” got that same appeal. Flo-rida got the hooks on lock right now; peep “You Know Me” too, that shit is ridiculously catchy. Me personally I’d like to hear Obscene blend more. I know the shit doesn’t sell but damn if the cuts wasn’t tight and the beats ain’t flip like flap-jacks on that “Boss Is Back” blend. Why are cats sleeping on Smitty? Dude been nice for years. Break down his word play on any track and you’ll be surprised what you hear…no lie. The sleeper track for me was Redd Eyezz and Junior Reid on “Soldier”. I’m fucking with that slow flow vibe. I’m telling you Dade County doing it big…the Trilla Remix of “Cross That Line” with Akon and Kardinal is hard but peep the lyrics cause cats are really breaking shit down. Brisco and T-Pain got an anthem with “Come And Get Us”…T-Pain sounds a lil brolic on that hook…Brisco thugged out the verse like a vet. If there was a track that had me reaching for the FF button it was “Boom Crack”. Not so much for the bars but that hook was clock radio speaker weak. I can’t even front on “Stick & Roll”…that shit must heat up the club out there man.

Florida is def getting it in right now. My advice would be to get it while the getting is some what good. There’s no telling where the music will be in 6 months, record sales, the music industry, shit even mixtapes. The promo is def there with mixtapes but the money end is really starting to bottom out. Let’s hope the quality mixtapes DJs like Obscene keep hope alive while they rep their region, dish out quality promo and advance the culture.