DJ Obscene & Daz – Serious Hustle Vol. 2

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Obscene got that serious hustle. One of my favorite DJs keeping the skills alive and kicking on mixtapes. I hear some DJs talking and I see some DJs typing about how skills don’t matter, those little cuts or mixing don’t matter when it comes to mixtapes. It’s starting to sound more and more like those same cats typing and saying that shit are trying to convince themselves that it doesn’t matter. Showing skills on a mixtape is gonna be that big pink elephant in the room for some of ya’ll DJs next year. Anyway, Obscene is in the building and Daz decided to join the party as well, it’s going down in Miami so you know it’s a party.

Damn, “Miami Shit” is killing it man. Can’t say I’m a huge Pitbul fan but he laced this track. Plus that beat is some next level shit. Obscene’s blend of “Candy” got me open too. DPG got a flow like no other….who said the West was worse off than NY? When that second beat drops on the blend…ooowwwweeee. The best hook of the whole CD is the Cubo laced “If It Don’t Make Sense”; dope track. Scott Storch did his thing on “Make It Rain”, stop frontin’ on dude. He may look like a fruit cup but he got some beats and he making Fat Joe sound like a champion with those horns. I’m not gonna hype Smitty up like that cause dude got skills and ya’ll shoulda been up on him, he stomped the shit outta Yola’s beat for “Ain’t Gonna Let Up”. The track that grew on me was “745”. Shit annoyed me at first but the hook got me hooked, ya dig? “Bet That” got hit potential. Song sounds a little to “nice” for me but I can def hear this on the radio. Daz does his thing on the “Bumpin’ My Music” freestyle, mixtape cats are sleeping on Daz. I didn’t like it a first but “Vato” is dope. Snoop sounds brand new on this and so does B-Real. The sleeper track of the CD is C.Ride with that freestyle. The flow is liquid on that obvious Nitti beat.

Obscene is one of those mixtape DJs that can capture a vibe on a mixtape. Similar to Teknikz out in GA, G Spot out in OH, and Dow Jones out west. It’s like you can feel that Miami sound, the whole style and it’s like that with every CD that’s released. Don’t be fooled, it’s not like Obscene is cutting up track after track with flares and shit standing on his head while he rolls some weed up. It’s just subtle mixing, some on point cuts, good music, some freestyles and some exclusives. The formula is game tight and the shit just pops off like that,…..recognize.