DJ Obscene – Nas’ Greatest Hits : The Mixtape

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Normally I don’t fuck with Best Of’s or Greatest Hits mixtapes but when I saw DJ Obscene was doing a Nas joint I had to peep it. I had to see if how he would present the music to the masses. Will he take the easy route…tracks back to back with no purpose? Will he use the skills and put that ear for music to work? I already know the music…it’s Nas for Christ sake if you don’t know it by now you’ll never know it. I was actually late getting up on Illmatic back in ’93-’94. I had heard the cuts off the mixtapes but wasn’t up on the album. I was too busy bumpin’ Jeru’s “The Sun Rises In The East” and “The Infamous” albums. This chic we used to call La-Tina with the white Honda CRX was bumpin’ it back then…that’s how I first heard the full album.

I’m not gonna give you mad highlights…you know these tracks. The one line I think that’s sums up Nas’ whole aura on the MIC and it was captured on “Live At The BBQ”…”Cause verbally…I’m iller than an aids patient”. That’s how Nas was introduced to the masses; a sick ass lyricist. I wasn’t one of those “purist” that said he sold his bars out on “It Was Written”. That album was released in the “Big Willie” era. He had to have that flava in the rhymes to be relevant to the times. That right there shows he was built for this and it’s why he’s remained relevant to Hip Hop for so long. To me personally tho, the thing he does better than any other MC is he sets a scene so vividly. The bars are so descriptive you can see what he’s talking about clear as hell…”Bumpy Johnson style, old timers, crocodile shoes, Pinky rings, bank robbers wit two’s, boss of wild crews, Slacks over-lapsed, apple jack hats, quarter field coats, Cadillacs wit white walls and chrome wheel spokes.” Tell me those bars from “The Second Coming” don’t paint a picture? “Represent” is one of my favorite Nas tracks and the second verse off that shit captures a whole mentality from when he spit it.

Yo…they call me Nas, I’m not your legal type of fella
Moet drinkin, marijuana smokin street dweller
who’s always on the corner, rollin up blessed
When I dress, it’s never nuttin less than Guess
Cold be walkin with a bop and my hat turned back
Love committin sins and my friends sell crack
This nigga raps with a razor, keep it under my tongue
The school drop-out, never liked the shit from day one
cause life ain’t shit but stress, fake niggaz, and crab stunts
So I guzzle my Hennesey while pullin on mad blunts
The brutalizer, crew de-sizer, accelerator
The type of nigga who be pissin in your elevator
Somehow the rap game reminds me of the crack game
Used to sport Bally’s and Gazelle’s with black frames
Now I’m into fat chains, sex, and Tecs
Fly new chicks and new kicks, Heine’s and Beck’s

Crazy ass verse right there man.

Obscene turned “Blaze A 50” on it’s ear with his blend. Added a whole other vibe to that shit…nice work. That’s the thing that Obscene brought to the project…basic skills. He kept the verses short, cutting in the next tracks and the shit just popped off. I don’t anticipate I would by the Greatest Hits album seeing as I have all his albums already but it was great to hear a mixtape DJ do his thing with Nas’ best joints.