DJ Obscene – Poe Boy Runs Miami

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Miami is on fire right now, Super Bowl weekend coming up and everything. Talent wise Florida as a whole is looking real crazy…that’s not only for MCs but for DJs as well. One thing these DJs do beyond the norm is actually support their local artists; that’s on radio and mixtapes alike. On the production side cats like Cool & Dre and The Runners are churning out hits like its nothing. For those that don’t know of DJ Obscene he’s the youngest in charge out in Miami holding down Florida better than some mixtape vets could only dream of. Let’s see how Poe Boy runs Miami.

One thing you will figure out by listening to this mixtape is Brisco is a dope MC. “I’m In The Hood” is with out question some classic hood music. Those chopped hooks are infectious as ever right now too. Personally “Hustlin” by Rick Ross wore me the fuck out…too many MCs used that beat and the radio wore the shit outta the song. But after listening to “Career Criminal” Mr. Ross seems to be back on his shit. I didn’t like the hook but it’s a straight head nod through out. Ok, now for the hit records. “We Takin Over” is a bonified hit record. This might be Akon’s best hook to date. I mean one listen to this song and you can hear the potential…radio, video, mixtapes, clubs…crazy. Speaking of hit records peep Flo-rida on “Birthday” if you haven’t heard it already. That shit is a hit too. What you want to do now as an observer of the music is watch how both these tracks get worked into the mainstream and see what works best and what the ultimate end result it. I’ve come to the conclusion that Brisco is making music just for your whip…that shit to make your speakers shook and a flow to keep your head nodding; not a bad combination. On the low “D-Boy” is a hit of sorts too. Flo-rida and Brisco just flat out have catchy ass music.

DJ Obscene getting off a little mixing…a little skill…not like he usual does but truth be told he’s really letting the music catch all the light on this CD. That’s really a lost art in itself considering all the mixtape DJs that don’t know when to shut up. Regardless, does Poe Boy really run Miami? I don’t know because I don’t live out there but they sure as hell have some bonified hit records. I got love for Rick Ross (no turd burglar) but the MCs people need to really be checking for are Brisco and Flo-rida….and don’t forget Obscene on the mixtape side.