DJ Obscene & Trae – Houston We Have A Problem 5

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DJ Obscene is my sleeper mixtape DJ of the year. He’s been consistient with his projects and he’s provided proper promotion with the best of them. Aliteration people, you gotta love that shit. This time out the box he’s rollin’ with Trae the Truth. He’s got one of the illest voice’s in hip hop today and he always brings his A game every time he steps in the booth.

Obscene cutting shit up lovely on that into…I can dig it. Damn, that “Texas Takeover” remix is crazy as cat shit. RIP Pimp C, he went in on this shit like the MIC vet he was. Paul Wall was shinning like a mutha fucka too. Speaking of Paul…that “They Know” freestyle is classic mixtape music….still chunking the duece too. Obscene gets his blend on with “Ride on 4’s”…that joint was thick on some mollases type shit; J-Dawg got bars. Peep Traes flow on “The Sandbox”…that shit is liquid man; and the beat soul in it too. If you’re not fucking with Scarface’s latest album you are not a hip hop fan, you’re a fly by night hip hop groupie who wears man tampons…one of the best albums of 2007. “Girl You Know” is my shit…”girl you got more miles than and f350″ LOL. It’s always good to hear some new Magno…”84’s Dyne Da Block” is cool but the hook got tired fast. The joint that fucked my head up was “Lunch Money on “In Cold Blood”…rewind this joint cause this is why you cop mixtapes in the first place. Chingo Bling gets some shine with “Freaky Gurl”…that flow is potent people don’t sleep on Chingo. “Don’t Need A Scale 4 The Work” is that gun in your mouth, tie up your wife and kids music. I think I busted and ear drum on this one too, now go pick up that Trae album…”Life Goes On”. Couple of joints you need to peep at the end of this shit. Coast with “Bury Me A G” freestyle is lyrical shit and “Mouf Fulla Blang” remix is that self indulgent music at it’s very best.

Skill wise on mixtapes Obscene is right there at the top with the best in the game. Hes a cat who understands and appreciates this art form and the things that it can accomplish. I think I’ve said this before but the mixtape revolution will not be televised…it will be showcased on and its all thanks to DJs like Obscene who keep this shit moving forward the right way.