DJ Obscene & Wes Fif – All Or Nothing

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Shout to the one they call DJ Obscene. He’s one of a handful of DJs down south still showing some skill on mixtapes. If you’re not familiar with Wes Fif by now you must be making soup in sour dough bread bowels aka you’re got your head up your ass. No bullshit he’s gotta be one of the realest MCs in the Gunshine State, fuck what you heard.

“Oh Yea” is the anthem. “My street team passing out slugs not flyer’s ni99a” I can dig it. J.A. laced the beat for “I”m Telling Ya”. That shit is infectious. We Fif said on the intro to this track “everybody wanna to be different brah, so who gonna keep it gangsta….I got it, I’m telling ya” and you know what? He’s right! “Crackers jumping out of vans, fuck they is the A-Team?” Lol “Make You Smile” is the obligatory track for the females, on that gangsta shit tho. “Wastin’ Your Time” is similar content too, the hook will def catch your ear, I can’t front. “Through The Roof” seems a lil forced to me, that radio type simplistic chorus joint. I’m not mad at it but still I had to hit the FF button after hearing that hook twice.

The blatant crossover track aside, this is that gangsta shit. Straight forward bars and no bullshit, that speaking to hood music. That’s def lacking these days musically and I’m glad Wes Fif is taking this shit into 2009. I like the fact you can hear the hunger in the music too because you really get the feeling that’s it is truly…all or nothing for Wes Fif.