DJ Odini, Lil Raskal, Phene – This Is The Phene Mix

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Phene is back up in the review section and rightfully so. One of PA’s finest doing his thing locally and on the net. Keeping that balance in the game as any MC should in this day and age. He’s got Odini and Lil Raskal holding him down this time out so I’m expecting some creativity and some dope ass beats that the block will fiend for. If the beats are proper you know the CD will be cause I’ve never heard Phene come wack on a verse…ever.

“Soundtrack of My Life” is that all around dope song. It’s a showcase to let the people know that dropping a song to appeal to the masses is nothing. The flip side to that is “Where It Started At”; classic mixtape music. This is what I mean by choosing dope beats. “garbage rap / time to rewind to where it started at / give me a *69 let me call it back.” One thing that’s always true about Phene’s music is he has never been one to not let you know about his life. “Music Is Life” is just that, giving you a lil story telling wrapped in a message over a dope beat. I was glad to hear “On The Come Up” make the CD, dope ass song and the word play on here was crazy. On the Lil Raskal side of things, “Desire” caught my ear. Some focused smooth shit for you to listen too and I like how they flipped that hook. I’m not a huge fan of what I call Rap & Bullshit. Not that Phene’s bullshit by any means but the hip hop verse featured on the R&B; track is kinda played out to me. I love me some Mary J Blige and Phene def sounds dope on ” Take Me As I Am” and “Be Easy” but I was expecting a lil more of that block music. If we’re speaking of Pop-ish type of music tho Phene’s verse alongside Marron 5 was a nice concept. I’d rather hear and see a song like this cross over than one of the Mary J joints. Flow wise “Cloud 9” was the wheel, that beat was so so but that flow def showcases the talent.

Lyrically Phene is straight like 9:15, that’s not even something to be questioned. He knows who he is as an MC, he doesn’t try to be something he’s not on a track which is refreshing. His voice and overall sound allows him to hop on damn near any type of beat and still sound fly too. On the other side of that specifically with this CD was the R&B; featured verses which wore on me a little. I like the creative nature of it but for me personally I want to hear the lyrics over some head nodding beats. No singing, no fluff. Regardless the CD more than exposes Phene’s talent on the MIC and truth be told that’s what it’s all about.