DJ Odyssey – Sucka Free R&B 5

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Oh shit, DJs need to mind their P’s and Q’s DJ Odyssey is back on his mixtape game. “Quality” R&B; blends are a rarity now days. Not like when Ron G was ruling the game but with cats like Odyssey coming up the shit looks promising. If you remember when cats used to rock three turntables with precision then you can fuck with a DJ Odyssey mixtape. Plus the young mixtape don knows his classics! That’s right you should cop the CD after just reading this first paragraph.

Right from jump with “You ” playing is where you begin to understand what the CD has in store for you. Odyssey laces Biggies “One More Chance” with Lloyd on the hook and a classic verse from Lil Wayne. Don’t even get me started on the mix with that classic sample playing at the end; somewhere Ron G is proud as a mutha fucka. The Ciara “Promise Party Remix” is that highway anthem. Three beats floating back and forth and if you remember LL’s “Jingling Baby” you’re def diggin’ this mix. “Shorty Like Mine” is what makes me draw the comparisons to Ron G. If you heard Ron G Classic Beats then you know where I’m coming from when you peep this mix. Bow Wow and Biggie on a track? Hell yea and that shit will have you open. Who’s fucking with Kelly Clarkson? DJ Odyssey is with “Behind These Hazzel Eyes ” b/w “Bitches Aint Shit” and “Code of The Streets”. This is the highway blend of the year right here. DJ Odyssey cannot be held responsible for any and all speeding tickets you incur listening to this joint. If you wanna talk about an ear for beats…peep Biggie, Jadakiss and Neyo slowed down on :”Sexy Love”. Same can be said with Biggie, T.I. New Edition and Justin Timberlake on “My Love “. I mean between Odyssey and the Southern Style DJs you get your moneys worth with every single mixtape. Odyssey hits with a lil party section to show how he can rock a party then brings it back with a blend of Stevie Wonders “Cherie Amore”. Just so you know the CD is 27 tracks and you see my highlights above so you can just imagine what the rest of the joints are like.

You can bump this CD at work, on the highway, freeway, in the trap, in ya moms basement where you live, and most def and it’s almost required that you bump this at least once a week in your ride until the next DJ Odyssey CD drops. The standout thing on this project is Odysseys superior ear for music. Yea he’s got skills, cuts ect but being able to match up the music he does takes skill in itself. Plus the fact he can take overly used Biggie vocals and seamlessly fuse them into a blend/remix and make the shit sound like an actual, viable song is that next level shit. You other DJs need to step your mixtape game up or just quit because the young mixtape don is coming for the crown.