DJ Omen – 80’s Child Vol. 2

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Welcome DJ Omen to the Rapmullet review section. Omen sent us a big box of CDs for “consideration” of being sold on the website. Unfortunately we don’t sell CDs homie but I did share those joints with my peoples and a couple cats at the weed spot. I figured he deserved a review for the effort because lord knows how impossible it is for a mixtape website to actually pick up and sell your product these days. Out of the five releases this is the one that caught my eye the most. I never get sick of 80s anything so with me it really comes down to how well the DJ puts the music together and how good their ear for music is. A lil skill doesn’t hurt either.

I like the title too. I’m what you can consider and 80s “child” as that decade was my musical come up. For us 70s babies this is the music that shaped our ears and truth be told we were lucky. Imagine being born in the 90s and coming up off the music of the millennium…horrible. You got your 80s staples on here with “Mary Jane” and “Juicy Fruit” but the shit that got me amped up was “Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody”. I don’t see how you can’t act a fool in your ride when this is on. “However Do You Want Me” has got to be the greatest acapella into ever in the history of recorded music. Hype Williams freaked it on the intro to Belly but it can be used to get any party open. Not many people know this but Dimez used to be a roadie for Cameo back in the day. Mad tours, freaks and cod pieces. If you look real close you’ll see Dimez in the “Word Up” video dancing in the background with a flat top…true story. Lol From “Let The Music Play” all the way thru “Love Come Down” is where this project caught fire. I wore out the rewind on this section of the CD. It wouldn’t be a proper 80s CD without “Oh Sheila”. Track is the shit regardless.

DJ Omen did his thing throughout. The formula was pretty much him just cutting in the next track. At times that annoyed me a little as I would prefer the joints beat matched in with maybe a few cuts here an there. He’s got a decent ear for the hits and well the cuts were tight too. You can never go wrong fucking with classic music so I can’t give him to much credit but I’m def checking for his projects in the future.