DJ Ophax & DJ Pimp – Gimme Hate Vol. 4

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I don’t want hate I want a steaming plate of hot turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, stuffing, sweet potato pie, some corn bread, and a big glass of water. Don’t even get me started on desert. (written before Turkey day). If you notice, we don’t review many “exclusive” mixtapes anymore. It’s to the point where there are no real exclusives left. I personally usually go by the track list. If it looks like a pile of shit that’s been on 256 websites or email blasts it gets a big pass. Reviewing and shiting on the same joints over and over is redundant, let alone mind numbingly horrible work on our part. This track list right here intrigued me tho. I see some usual suspects but its good music and I see some joints that I haven’t heard yet. The key is being able to put all of that into a cohesive mix…well maybe not an actual “mix” but at least some sort of flow. See you can have tons of new music but if the shit has no flow you might as well be listening to whales communicate cause really that’s what is sounds like (insert whale noise here).

“Life Changes” is deep man. You can’t help but feel the aura of Old Dirty Bastard in this track; especially with that hook. The new Wu Tang album is going to be good, I hope people support it too. The GZA murked his bars like the MIC vet he is. It honestly took me like five years to accept the fact Capone-N-Norega would never deliver another War Report. The back and forth on “Shine” was close tho…had to rewind this. I don’t know about those other cats on “Let’s Dance” but Mazaradi Fox can flow. Ignorant rap at it’s finest and I love every second of it. Ok so you’ve heard “The Barrel Brothers by now but who had the best verse? Ghosts’ bars sound borrowed from a previous verse, not in whole but flow wise. Styles phoned in his bars. Beans pretty much owned this beat and the other MCs on here. Too bad they cut out Solomon Child’s verse. “Holiday” with Styles P and Max B is my joint right now. This joint could have easily jumped the CD off too. The track list says “King Me” with Cormega and Agallah but honestly Cormega was no where to be found. (frowns) I’m glad A-Pinks got some new shit and with Big Lou too…”Hello” is crazy; pure concrete bars. Most def peep St Laz on “Click Click Bang”. This beat right here compliments Laz’ flow perfectly. You got some big name MCs on this CD but this Laz track is one of most well rounded joints on here. “I’m Da Man” is a cool track. It’s made the rounds so to speak. Freck Billionaire was def shinning. This cat was arguing with me about dude cause I only said he was “decent” on the MIC. He proceeded to tell me Freck Billionaire was the shit, one of the hardest MCs out right now plus he’s been locked up mad times. I told dude that being locked up mad times doesn’t make you a hard MC, it just means you’re a dumb ass criminal. He told me to go fuck myself…hey I call it like I see it man. Lol The MC you should be checking for is Push Montana. I’m telling you that’s a cat who could have a big 2008.

Last time I reviewed DJ Ophax he got two tapes. That’s average. Nothing wrong with average at all tho. You see a lot of mixtape DJs who won awards for rookies of the year and even some bigger awards are at best right now…average. This joint right here is def cop-able. I’m not doing cartwheel’s over it but it will def get some burn in the ride for a few days.