DJ Ophax – Welcome In NYC

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Hey Ophax….welcome to’s review section. NYC is fixing to explode this year if they don’t get some prime time shine. Like the good folks having been saying all of 2006 over at; it’s a new day in the music industry. The CD sales of the 90’s are gone and if you’re not selling a hundred million ring tones you need to find another angle to get your paper. The blueprint is out there for these MCs lets see who follows is the best.

If “Long Live” didn’t make it on one of your mixtapes you’re slacking. Red Cafe owns the new year and its his to lose. Watch him walk the thin line between proper mixtape/internet promo and oversaturation; take notes people his team is tight. I gotta say the beat for “The Legend Of Potters” annoyed me at first but by the time that shit was over I was hooked. Kinda like what Swizz Beats would have sounded like back in ’88 straight casio keyboard. I think Swizz should bring back the key-tar on some 80’s new wave shit and start freaking that at live shows, give him a jerycurl mullet and he’s good to go. Snyp shinning on that “Pain” freestyle, 354 people….recongize. If you really want to have to listen to a rhyme to figure out what the message is peep Killah Priest on “A Cryin’ Heart”. Damn dude is getting in with that rapid fire message. As far as the MCs holding down the end of the CD goes, Jew Dew was shinning like a pimp at the players ball. He got that “I’m flashy but I’ll fuck you up” style on the MIC.

Ophax isn’t really mixing on here but he did a lil something with the tracklist. When DJs now are going all out now playing shit thats 3-4 years old like its new cause they searching the net and don’t really know whats what its good to see a cat stick to playing some music they like. Not everyone is gonna like what you like but one thing that always holds true; if you have a passion for something it’s a hell of lot easier for cats to recongnize that in your projects then playing whats already all over the net.