DJ Ophax – Welcome To Da Future 4

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Shout to Ophax back in the review section. I’m in the mood for some new music so let’s get it in a little early. Styles P verse on “Pain” is some crazy shit. I never was a big 2Pac fan but this is a dope colabo. I don’t know how we went from “Pain” to “Our Block” but the vibe took a 180 and not in a good way. Lil Chain ain’t cutting it man…next. “Real Life Shit” is the jam. St Laz, Esso, A Mafia and Snyp is one hell of a posse cut. Hey Memphis Bleek rhymed over “Fully Loaded Clip”…yay….not really; this beat been murdered. “Get Trapped” is the head nod banger of the whole CD. Prodigy, Un Pacino…cats is lethal with words this time out. Is that Jermaine Dupri rhyming on “Money Right”? Hell now….holla back money ain’t a thing! Lol Tell Janet Jackson that ho owes me some money. Nas with that “box cutter flow” on “Less Than An Hour”…what happened to Cee-Lo’s verse? I’m still trying to figure out why Elepahant Man is in the middle of this mixtape. It’s like having a peanut butter and bologna sandwich. Ophax brought it back some what with “Chick In The Living” room…Grafh at his best right now. It’ll be a great day when we don’t have to hear the beat for “I Get Money” ever, ever, ever again. Q Da Kid got a decent joint woth BG on “Bottom 2 The Top”. Shit had some minor rewind value. I’m all for supporting cats on the come up but ESZ with “Too Legit Part 2″ isn’t going anywhere. Wow, the flow wasn’t half bad at first but what dude was saying was straight lame and that hook was all ass cheeks and apple sauce..”2 legit, 2 legit too quit, got my finger in the air and I’m bout to flip, you know…where my ni99as at, where my ladies at…” Hahhahahahahahahahaha, that’s me laughing at this cat. I can’t see even listening to this shit let alone putting it on a mixtape.

You know we keep it 100 over here man so to say the mixtape is average is a fair assesment. It’s got some joints on it that def hit hard but it’s got those unknown unknows that might not need to ever BE known….ya dig. I’m not saying Ophax got a wack ear but there is def a fine line between good music and showing too much love to your peoples.