DJ Osk – Blendstar

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Osk is one of those DJs that you know can pull off any blend mixtape concept. He’s got that ear for what works and he understands that the foundation for a good blend CD is the beats. Not only that he subscribes to the notion that shit must be perfect, you can hear it in the little nuances in every release. The 3-5 second clips that keep that interlude going, that few seconds of a vocal clip that tie the “concept” of the track to the title of the mixtape. It’s the little things every time out the box and it’s those little things that separate a good mixtape from a great one.

Talib and Mos Def are two MCs not to be fucked with on the MIC. The current masses are sleeping and will probably still sleep on those two, let’s hope Blendstar wakes up a couple tho. I love how “Beef” starts off with the old Gangstarr and the Osk switches it up before the verse drops and slaps the shit outta you with that hard shit. Styles P and Talib is actually a good fit. “The Level” lyrically can’t be denied no matter what beat you put behind it but that neck snapping shit doesn’t hurt. On the Talib Kweli blend side of things, “Move Something” is that perfect marriage of 2 beats and vocal, bottom line: that’s my shit. I love how Osk tied in Ghostface and Jay Z on “Ms Fat Booty Pt3″…again it all comes back to the beat used as the foundation. Jean Grae is a best if you didn’t already know. She will eat an MC like it’s a snack, peep “Say Something” and say something different. On the Mos Def blend side of things, “She Wants To Move” is the shit. Mobb Deep and Q-Tip in the mix too, that’s how you create your own exclusive.

Smooth, precise, enjoyable, skillful…all words to describe this release. The mixtape is out there people, go download it, burn it, stock it away in your Ipod, cherish it cause you don’t get joints like this to much these days.