DJ Osk – DeLox

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If it don’t make dollars then it don’t make sense, right? Wrong! See when you have a product that is unconventionally well put together and dropped with good timing it not only makes dollars it also makes perfectrfect sense. That’s DeLox and that’s the reality.

It’s real simple. Lox verses over Dre’s beats. The whole foundation for any good blend/creative mixtape is the beats and who better to build that foundation then Dr. Dre. As with any mixtape this joint has balance, the ying and the yang, the good and the bad. The ying (very good) being “Dirty Ryders”. DJ Osk creating his own exclusives as well as hooks. I love how he chopped that shit up for something brand new. Styles P sounds brand new over “My Life” with Pharohe Monch on the hook. That beat just crawls threw the headphones and then “Phone Tap” drops and it’s a wrap. Of course you got the yang (bad) too. I wouldn’t call the blend ass but “Why” was a tough to listen too, especially when the hook hits. Ouch. The transition to new beats on the hook brought it back somewhat but that hook is a blend killer for real. The hardest shit on here was “Scenario 2008”. Shit was Dirty Harry Blend figures like in it’s execution. If that shit doesn’t have you on the block trying to get Opera money, you’re a fucking zombie. The “Favorite Housewife” joint was smooth too, I can’t front. Another joint where Osk goes all out and creates his own exclusive. If you’re looking some theme music to blow trees too look no further than “Ride Or Die” and Osk brings in the beat for “Dre Day” smooth like a babies ass. “Hardcore” was a rough listen for me. It’s got nothing to do with the bars either, that’s a classic beat for sure but when the hook blessed that beat it’s fat bitch feet rough IMO. Seth Marcel sounded good on that beat tho, Osk did him a favor. It wouldn’t be proper not to mention “Locked Up In The fast lane”. The video was dope and if I may say, so somewhat trend setting in promoting a creative mixtape project like this. Watch cats follow now.

To ya’ll D-Block fiends I’m sure this is a classic. For us mixtape heads it’s a must for the collection too. I give Osk credit also because it’s extremely difficult to maintain that creativity for a whole mixtape. Chopping hooks, two and three beat blends ect for 74 minutes is a test. He does his best tho and continues to keep blend hope alive and we appreciate him for that.