DJ Osk & Esoteric – Worldwide Warfare 2

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DJ Osk is world wide people, better recognize. Some DJs talk a bunch of shit, drop so called “exclusives” that are on every other “exclusive” mixtape, don’t break records, live off the internet for these so called “exclusives” and pretty much run in place. Then you have DJs who seek out good music, support good music and actually play good music when “good” music isn’t considered the norm. Am I a big fan of underground hip hop? NO. But I like to hear good music and that’s where a DJ Osk comes in to play.

If you consider yourself a hip hop connoisseur and don’t know who Esoteric is well I have news for you. You’re not a connoisseur. I live 35-40 minutes outside of Boston and if you’re a New Englander who dosen’t know Esoteric or 7L for that matter then you’ve never left your Moms basement. Do yourself a favor, listen to “Death Wish” and then start checking for their new album. “Lyrical Swords” is my joint. The GZA is lyrical prowess at its best and along with Ras Kass this track is a rare jewel. Ras: “stick to bitches walls like I’m Peter Parker.” Both MCs will have you rewinding shit. “Let’s Dance” is just fun man. You know the beat and the rhymes are fly and flashy. My favorite track on the whole CD is “Daisycutta” with 7L, Esoteric and Kool Keith. This joint has an ill vibe and that beat is some next level shit. The more I hear “We Getting Money” by Fat Joe, the more I hate that song. (Jabs a pencil in ear) The sleeper track of the CD is the M.L Freestyle. Dude got a nice conversational flow and he has a conscience too. “Make My Own” is that straight head nod. I need that instrumental; it’s perfect for dropping knowledge as Evidence did just that. I’m usually a big fan of Rashid Hadee but I couldn’t get into “You Can’t Hide”. I think it was the stale hook and that beat was too stripped down from what I’m used to hearing from him.

This is a good, quality listen people. It’s intelligent hip hop man. I can’t think of anything else to describe it. It’s always good to hear MCs that know “who they are” as opposed to trying to be something their not. My thing is like this; we need some more real hardcore type beats with the lyrical content that’s all over this CD. I think it would hold cat’s ears better, I know it would with me. True to form Osk is mixing at a high level. It’s a classic mixtape formula with a quality host. When you bring together an MC (Esoteric) who knows hip hop and a DJ (Osk) who knows hip hop it can only mean one thing—-a bangin’ CD.