DJ Osk – Pete’s, Rhymes and Life (The Pete Rock Story)

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It’s rare these days that DJs want to tell a story with a mixtape. One of the best mixtapes ever made called The Willie Bryant Story dropped earlier this year and was supremely slept on by the masses and I fear the same will happen with this project. We didn’t review that project because we had a hand in making it but that was a mistake and once I get another hard copy of that CD it will be right there with this CD in the Rapmullet listening session. So if you want to know how I feel about DJ Osk’s latest project just know I hold it in regards to Willie Bryant and that should speak volumes.

Can you believe there are hip hop fans who don’t know who Pete Rock is? I mean how can you be a real fan if you don’t know the history? I hope this project sheds some light on Pete’s influence for the new jacks. I’m giving you a few highlights but honestly all you need to do is go listen to it on the Listening Session and form your own opinion…you will be happy you did. At the very least peep the interludes and learn some shit about Pete Rock. “Pounds Up” is my shit. Pete Rock and MOP need to work on some new shit cause the Osk blend had me open. “Thick Ropes” is all head nod and neck braces. “Run” by Ghostface is a hard track to blend cause Ghost is all emotion and if you use the wrong beat it will be exposed…Osk flipped it proper and he used two beats. The Saigon flip on “Do You Know” has the ill bass…that’s why I’m fucking with it. I think “On The Mic” with Big Shug and OC is a true sleeper. OC is the first official “most lyrical” if you ask me. The vibe on “New York” is the shit too…that’s what a quality blend will do…make you hear a track in a totally different way.

Two and three beat blends, precise transitions, and Pete Rock interludes make this a true street certified project. Osk builds the “story” of Pete Rock from his beginning stages right up till 2007 and he does it with music. One thing that sticks out the most to me beyond anything else is that Pete Rock is soulful. His production varies but the constant is the soul vibe that each joint gives off. Some might call it “real hip hop” but it’s really just the soul that your hearing, music with some meaning.