DJ Papa Smurf & Rise – Rise Of An Empire

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Welcome Rise to the Rapmullet review section. Rise been in “the come up” section on and off for a minute putting in work with that grind. DJ Papa Smurf holding him down with the mixtape is always a good look. Shout to Dru over at hounding me for a review. lol Cats gotta be persistient now a days and then some.

I like that shit they put on the “true” mixtape track, “BEAT SNATCH”. More MCs need to beat snatch man, the shit is not played out so who ever feeding you that shit is way off. “Window Shopper” got my head nodding so Rise is doing something right. The joint that really stands out to me is “Body Rock”. It’s gotta be the flow people, Rise killed that shit. Up to this point in the CD the flows was kind flat but after hearing this joint the potential is def there. That freestyle “Real Ni99a Shit” was cool as a fan too. Rise starting to find his lane with these last two joints; the rhymes is crazy. Sleeper track lyrically is “Striven”, gotta have some music people can relate to.

Rise comes off polished lyric wise, his content is on point too. The thing for me is, how can he truly stand out from the other million MCs rhyming today? Up until the joint “Body Rock” Rise’s voice came off as just generic to me. I think he needs that crystal clear vocal and the right beat to compliment his tone. Shit it could be as simple as up’n the vocals on the tracks. What I like to tell MCs to do is fuck with different instrumentals from different established producers (old or new). See who makes you “sound” the best and cater your sound around that when you’re checking new beats and get those levels proper; don’t ever be scared to filter the vocals. I’m def keeping my ear out for more Rise music, I’m not sleeping on him no more.