DJ Pudgee P & Riot Squad – Riots That Gang

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Better late than never right? Man, if ya’ll don’t know that Riot is that GANG I don’t know what to say, “I feel sorry for your Mother”. Hahaha. If you fuck with mixtapes at all on some east coast shit you know about the Riot Squad. Pudgee P is the best DJ to drop this CD too. Yea Stack Bundles can drop a joint with Clue but Pudgee got it with the skills and he got that mixtape presence that these new jacks is lacking.

“We Ready” got the ill ass hook, you can def beat a mutha fucka up to this shit. “Drummer Boys” is THAT track. I know the mixtape is older but this track can bump anytime. Where the hell is Ron Browz at anyway? Must be in the lab making hits. I’ve listened to this track back to back to back and I gotta say the best verses is between Ransom and Bynoe, I can’t call it though. “Peep Game” is another crazy ass track, shit is deep too on some baby mom, trickin’ for sneaker money type shit. Oddz.N.Endz got a few beats on here. “Three R’s” is cool but the more I listen to “The Bad Guy” that shit takes the cake. Bynoe coming with a classic hook on this joint too.

I mean ain’t really nothing left to say man but Riots The Gang, believe it. I had this CD in my ride the last three days and truthfully I haven’t listened to anything else that’s why the reviews was slow the last couple days among other things. Sky’s the limit for them and for Pudgee P. It’s real music for real cats who love that east coast sound, that NY style, and that vibe like you just beat a mutha fucka in the head. I could tell you more but then I’d have to put my foot in your ass.