DJ Rampage, DJ Ill Will and DJ Mikiwar – Rap or Die 3

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Hold up a second…where are the west coast mixtapes at man? I know there are some out there but where are the big dogs right now. DJ Strong, Warrior, Demolition Men, Skee, Dow Jones…where they at? Did cats all but abandon the mixtape game? Moved on to bigger and better things? I can’t call it but I know these DJs are still dropping some shit…heads up.

Kurupt in on that booth bully burglar shit with “Rap Or Death”. He’s gotta be one of the most dangerous MCs out west that can flip the bars on a dime. The boy Hot Dollar is doing his thing, “Thirsty” was cool but Glasses Malone owned this beat. I don’t know how many cats have been following Crooked I and his weekly freestyle’s but he’s been at it for almost a year and it’s def kept his profile on peoples conscience. “Hard Times” is dope…but it’s far from the shit you get from him every week. I haven’t heard anything from Butch Cassidy since his days with that group with Snoop Dog. “Street Shit” got a knock to it but what’s up with that title? Cat’s can come better than “Street Shit”… (Shakes head). Ja Rule getting some shine along with Game on “Sunset”. Honestly, the track isn’t half bad but Ja’s name is mud. He was better off trying to come back in the game like how Q Tip did back in like ’97 with his ‘Lone Ranger” white label single…oh yea that shit didn’t work either. The two cats I really fuck with lyrically out west are Mistah Fab and Ya Boy. That’s who’s holding my ear right now. “Party On” just works and Mistah Fab always rhymes his ass off when touching a MIC. “Precise Gang” got bars too…I think cats are sleeping on Ya Boy right now.

I can’t stress enough that if you’re calling yourself a mixtape DJ that you need to really be mixing. That’s what these DJs are bringing to the table really; new music…that’s good, mixed throughout. If I wanted to listen to pauses I could listen to the radio but if I pop a mixtape in the ride that shit should be MIXED and/or have some cohesiveness to it. I don’t know where the other west coast mixtape DJs are at but I know where Ill Will is.