DJ Rated R & Big Tobacco – The Cartel Gathering 3

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I don’t fuck with too many compilation mixtapes as of late but this one right here been in steady rotation. Not only that Rated R is part of only a handful of DJs who still try to have some sort of timing involved in their projects and/or some mixing. I wipe my ass with you cut and past new shit mixtape cats with no timing and sense of flow. Peep the track list. It’s east coast heavy with an ear for that gangsta shit. How can you not like it?

Is it fucked up that I’d rather listen to Banks over 50 Cent now? Probably to some but “80s Baby” and “They Mad” trump “Strong Enough” every day all day. Not only that Banks ate Havoc on his own track…”Bang Bang”. That beat is flu like tho. “Number 1” got Big Twins and P shinning like foil on a summer day. They went in again on “Bacon and Cheese” too, Sid Roams laying the foundation for another anthem. You know Cormega has to get some shine. “Journey” is classic Mega, giving you a piece of his life wrapped in real lyrical jewels. I haven’t cop’d “OB4CL2” yet but it’s on the agenda for the weekend. “The Set Up” is boom bangin’ and “Ten Bricks” is purple tape material all day so I’m def amped up for the album. I downloaded that new WTK mixtape the other day, haven’t peeped it yet but “Winter Coat” is smooth, diggin’ Rated R on the highlights too. Cassidy did “Microphone Fiend” justice, I can’t front. The true sleeper track to me is “Pablo Doe” cause I def slept on this track. Left it on repeat for 20 min, made me want to fuck a hood rat on the floor of project hallway. “I got bullets the same size as Shaq’s feet”…classic.

Hardest mixtape out right now besides that Uncle Murda project with Suss One. I’m not on blogs downloading single tracks so this is still how I hear most of my new shit. I need the bring backs, the cuts, the shit talking to enhance the listening experience. That’s what The Cartel Gathering 3 brings to the table. Fuck with it.