DJ Rated R & Big Tobacco – The Cartel Gathering II

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They’re gathering again people. You know who, it’s that exclusive music that we rarely see and hear today. La The Darkman is hosting which is def a plus. You know he got that soft white and hard yellow on here. Shout to MEF on the cover, glad to see him still getting it in on the covers.

Rated R cutting up that intro man, go in homie! I’m fucking with “The Come Up” minus the Dat Piff reference. Fuck that site with a rusty chainsaw. Willie The Kid owned that beat tho. “We tighter than the zippers on the Members Only jacket”…lol classic. The one thing Raekwon been missing is beats. His lyrical sword always been sharp the beats…not so much. “Resolution” knocks and it got those lyrical jewels as only Raekwon can spit the. Ya’ll hear banks over “Flight School”? Thats hungry ass lyrical Banks right there. It’s always dope to hear new Big Noyd. You know Rated R and them got that exclusive shit too. “Mo Money Mo Money” is dope. Havoc on the beat was cool, could have been better but Noyd lyrically sharp. Finally someone played “24K Rap”. That’s a crazy ass Dilla beat too. Papoose stays going in over some classic RnB joints. “T.K.O” is mixtape music at it’s finest. I’m gonna be honest. I know OJ the Juiceman is popin’ in the south and so it Gucci but on this project I don’t know man. I guess I’m just old cause Rated R & Big Tobacco capture the essence of the east on some gangsta shit and slide in some south at the end. Hmmmmmm.

One thing Rate R shines with and it’s not just DJ skill, is having good timing. Even if you ain’t mixing at least bring some timing to dropping in that next track and that’s what Rated R does better than anyone right now. This is a serious mixape and I’m sure cats will eat up the Gucci and OJ party at the end. Personally that’s when the mixtape ended for me but it is what it is…a bangin’ mixtape.