DJ Raze One – Mullet Musik

A big shout out to everyone that was involved in the project. From all the MCs who submitted muzik to PDA on the cover to RazeOne on the mix and Illroots for the sponsor. It is appreciated people and it’s also good to see a “community” come together and be all about the musik. I’m not going to give the project a tape rating for obvious reasons but I will try to break down each track for the MCs and give Raze One some feedback as I haven’t gotten to review one of his projects yet.

This isn’t going to be a hand holding feel good review either. Every one of these MCs needs that raw uncut so throw on a helmet or two, pull up your tube socks and never ever get too comfortable.

“Rep Ya Set”: Beat is cool, shout to Nice, Geolani with his standard Geo swag/flow and he always finds a way to throw a slick line in at the end. I don’t know how many cats still say “toolie” though. Lol

“Murda Murda”: Slcik Watts and Laz is a decent look. I can’t say I really dug the hook but Laz did exactly what he does. He’s the king of the potent diction and one of few MCs that really knows how use his words properly. Watts got the ill voice and he easily adapted his flow on this joint.

“Change Of The Guard”: Gawdbless quietly doing his thing. I love this hook too. Gawdbless flows straightforward with it and it works for him. He has his moments with the bars as well.

“We Gon Get It”: This beat got something to it I know that. Beedie sounds white and it’s not a necessarily a bad thing. He got the conversational shit down to a T tho.

“Piss Excellence”: Camilliano and Rod Da Blizz are quality MCs we know this. Whether they piss excellence I don’t need to know that. Content wise both these MCs are setting the bar. I just don’t think the beat did them justice.

“Remember Freestyle”: Klock, Klock, Klock….his voice got lost over that beat to me. I do like the emotion of the track tho.

“I Like The Way You Do It”: Lady Lyric like the way you do it. She sounds good on that beat man I can’t front. That last line was a winner too.

“Waistin Yo Minutes”: I hate this beat. Check I got respect for you what you do but you lost me on this one fam. Gutta is the most lyrical tho and the most intense. Give that man the right beat and he’ll eat your lunch, dinner and breakfast.

“God 2 You”: I know Naim Brinxx got a mean hook game but the singing didn’t work for me on this one. The bars def stood out more so.

“Let It Be Known”: Willie Maze on a J. Dilla beat? Crazy, and his word play was just as crazy. You have to admire the MIC skills people. Hook is proper too.

“Poverty’s Paradise”: You know when you hear an MC and you know they “got it”? Well that’s Brick Saavy and I heard “it” way back and dude is steady perfecting the craft. OJ Loops providing that classic backdrop for him too.

“Get Paid”: This is the most polished track up on here in my opinion. Pefect set up for all MCs involved to get it in. Skeem is focused man, you can hear it. Phene is liquid on beat but we already know this man.

“Jiggle It”: This beat annoyed me at first but I fuck with Moo Doo, he brought the best out of that shit.

“Unstoppable”: All cards valid up in here. Wiz got bars, he’s a talented dude all around but you can’t front on is MIC skills.

“Real Recognize Real”: I haven’t heard to much muzik from dude but shit is solid. It’s a constant grind to get the bars up.

“That’s Gangsta 4”: Montega spits razor blades, his flows choppy at time but it works for him. Dramills been at it for a minute, he’s one of the few dudes that when they send a track my way I listen immediately.

“Gone”: By far the most skillful song off their latest mixtape/album. You can’t deny their chemistry on a track.

“Warning Shotz”: Sometimes I think Mr. Kennedy be buggin but I respect his opinion regardless. This joint is cool and he rode the beat like a true MIC vet.

“Rap Star”: J. Conway is ill with the story telling. I can hear the potential, watch out for this cat.

“Here We Go Again”: Joey Bags laced this one. I fuck with the sample. It’s that straight head nod.

“Hustler”: Fidel Cashflow held his own with Kool G Rap. I thought the beat could be better but it did what it did and bars were spit.

“Don’t Bother Me”: Hood Fella is the sleeper. I can relate the this song tho. He sounds like this is too easy for him too. That’s always a good sign. He threw a few jabs too. lol

I give Raze One credit, he keep this shit flowing well. The timing was there man, and that keeps you listening, no bullshit. This is were it gets realer than real tho. Out of all the MCs on here and these particular songs here’s what I think. St Laz whether feature or not has the most well rounded sound. Gutta is the most lyrical to me, Maze and Savvy real close too. Saavy has the slickest bars tho, the balance of wity and grimy is classic. Moo Doo has the illest voice and Phene makes me rewind shit. Regardless there is talent on this project and it shows. And truth be told that’s all that matters.