DJ Raze One – Return of the Hustle Vol. 5

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Welcome Raze One officially to the Rapmullet review section. Bout time we got some west coast up in this piece. Roccett is hosting so I had to check it out. I’m def a fan of dude’s music. I’m in the mood for some g’d up shit too, let’s go!

“My Steeze” by M.A. is an anthem. Never heard of dude but he got some shit, especially with that hook. I never heard of Lil Bam either and that cats got bars too. “Who Dat” flips with that escalating piano and bars like “I even stay alert on the church day, ni99a!” Cat’s def keeping it thorough. Ya Boy owned “Let Me In” flipping Dre’s “Keep Their Heads Ringing”. That right there people is quality mixtape music. “Bitch I’m trying to teach you something like a Pac verse”. Classic, Ya Boy got bars! First time I heard “Pain No More” with E-40, Game and Snoop. That’s a crazy ass track too. Roccet blows the block up with “Throw Your Hoods Up” and then Lil Bam slides back thru on some pimp shit with “Westbound”. Shout to Statik Selektah on “Cali Nights”. The vibe of that shit is crazy. I def slept on that track but to be honest its this mixtape right here that brought the best out of it with all the other tracks on here. That’s a credit to Raze One’s ear too.

In this day and age of mostly artist based mixtapes it good to hear a proper compilation type joint. You can hear the flow of the project from beginning to end which means Raze actually takes the time to listen and track properly as opposed to just throwing “new shit” in at the beginning and the rest filler. The title says that the hustle returns but in Raze One’s case I don’t think the hustle ever stops.