DJ Raze One – Side Walk Radio (West coast Edition)

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Welcome DJ Raze One to the Rapmullet review section. It’s weird how the mixtape submissions go in cycles with Rapmullet. We hardly get any new so called “exclusive” mixtapes now and we have more west coast joints than east coast joints. I’m def not complaining tho cause truthfully my ears need a west coast over dose right about now. The other thing I’ve noticed is cats using “Radio” in their mixtape titeles when the mixtape is far from anything remotely radio…I’m diggin’ it tho. Dare we say mixtapes are the future of what radio used to bring to the nuff!

That Ya Boy joint produced by Oddz N Endz is my track right now. I been done wore out the repeat button on that song, my CD player in my ride must be like “damn, not that track again”. Shout to Oddz N Endz too, that beat is explosive. At this point in the game if cats ain’t fucking with Ya Boy on your mixtapes you’re missing the boat…lames. C-Dub had me ridin’ lovely with “This Our Year”. I was diggin’ how he flipped words too. The other west coast cat you need to be fucking with is Roccett. “Infra-Red” featuring 50 is that booth bully burglar shit. Roccett must walk around with a fire extinguisher cause he stays burning down the booth. I like what I heard from Convinced on “It’s Back Now”…the flow is serious. I wasn’t diggin’ “Haters” at all. I fuck with Game from time to time but this sounded dated to me or at least uninspired. As for the cats at the end of the CD, Krusafix flipped “Let The Dollar Circulate” proper like…dude has potential.

This is a solid release. I look forward to hearing more joints from Raze One. As with every mixtape this one had it’s peaks and valleys…good music and fast forward joints. The over all vibe was achieved, transitions were clean which def made this joint cop-able.