DJ Reeg – Check The Blend 3

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Shout to DJ Reeg for dropping a blend CD when blend CDs are about as scarce as free blow jobs from supermodels. He put himself on the cover too…bold move but hey that’s what it’s gonna take these days to get your name poppin’. DJ Reeg calls himself “The Mixologist” A.K.A “Blendsetter”…I can dig it but at the same time, you have to back that up with skills; let’s “check the blend” shall we.

The “intro’s” on here are some quality mixtape music. Reeg borrows from damn near every “gangsta” flick you can think of to make the “motion picture” into. I could describe it but you really need to listen to it. The “I Hate DJs” intro cuts galore and of course Reeg strung together some hot shit to say how he really feels about you DJs. After those two cuts I was amped up like three fiends who found a bag of crack. “Unorthodox” is that “make your own exclusive” music. Reeg flips Biggie on the hook and lets The Clipse cook crack over the beat lyrically. At this point the project is sounding like a classic…until Reeg hits with a blend of “Breathe”. Not that shit was horrible but it’s “Breathe”…Fabolous blends are like blow jobs from fat chicks…it’s cool cause you get a nut off but it’s still a fat chic. “Triple Threat” is that fly shit…Pusha T, Jadakiss and Luda over some jazzy ass music just works. Maybe I’m just a Shady Records hater but Cashis sounds wack as fuck. Not even Lloyd Banks could save “Pistol Play Ricochet”. Reeg def subscribes to the DJ Rondevu school of making your own exclusives. “Gun Talk” uses another Biggie line for the hook but the shit is stong like bull. Jada, Cassidy and Stat Quo get to lace this one. The creativity on “We Will Lean Wit It” is crazy. Reeg borrows part of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and chops and cuts it up to make a classic blend. It’s not something I would personally roll to on the regular but I recognize a classic blend when I hear it. At this point in the project, it’s pretty much all “south” style blends. “Money Rolls” with Jeezy should have cats crawling thru the hood looking for trouble. “Reppin’ My Block” reminds me of a Dirty Harry “Rap Figures” run down. Pairing versus from cats you wouldn’t think would work…Jay Z, E 40 and Lil Wayne and the shit is only a minute and change long.

On some real shit the mixtape started off hella dope but then sort of went gradually down hill from there. A lot of times you want to start good, catch a stride for a few, bring the listener back up and then let the peaks and valleys of the project ride out and end on a good note. This time out we started at the top of the mountain and slowly ascended to the bottom. DJ Reeg got skills for days and he’s got an ear for creating hooks and paring dope versus making brand new exclusives. The problem I have with this mixtape tho is the direction. There is none. It’s a collection of blends, some are bangin’ as hell and some are just ok. I like the intros and the first couple blends so much I gave it three tapes and considering the lack of blend music these days props to Reeg for doing what obviously very few DJs are doing now a days and that’s keeping “blends” alive.