DJ Reflex – Big Man On Campus Reflex Radio Ed.

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Reflex getting his shine on like a vet right now…do your numbers man. For those that don’t know Reflex is not only a DJ but an entrepenur who just opened his second music and clothing spot. Don’t be mad at it people. Like the mad DJ (DJ Finesse) said…follow my lead. Lets hope Reflex can spell better tho.

Politic is hosting the project. He’s been featured numerous times on the Rapmullet Ipod…another aspiring MC getting his grizzly Adams on. His “Get Money” verse goes a lil something like this…”used to live hard knock / now I whip a 350 Benz with a hard top.” Cats is def living what they spit. I haven’t got into 50’s new album yet but “Movin On Up” is cool. Hook was kinda basic but it’s that classic flow. Tales From The Hood coming soon….”I Told You” by J-Hood was ehhhh. By a show of hands, who reading this believes Memph Bleek was “cooking 3000 grams in his kitchen”? I didn’t think so. He should just call it man, buy a chain of Subways in the Putnam County and live the life. lol The best song on here to me is that Unpacino joint “Ballin’ Out”…that flow is intense people. Did 40 Cal in “Big Boys” rhyme…”I made 100,000 from a pound of the herb”. Word? 40 Cal had O-Zs of weed for sale at $6250.00…that’s a bargin….hahahahaha. That shit better get you high for a year straight, get you laid every other day and cook you 3 squares. Did you hear Kool G Rap go in on “Risin”? He is as sharp as ever on the MIC. Cats might still be sleeping else where but “That’s a Good Look” by Politic is getting some regional burn. Anyone know how Gorilla Zoe did with his album? Man they fucked his shit up promo wise…”Hood Ni99a” video is tight tho. I’d rather not listen to the remix with Jimbo Jones on it. Zzzzzzzzz. Gab Gacha gets it on on the mixtape flip of “Ten Fed Commandments”…dude breaks it down like no other.

Reflex dropping that steady cop-able mixtape product. He def stepped up a lil on working the fader to atleast give the project that cohesiveness throughout. The intro and outro were proper as well. Cats need to peep how it’s done on a local level cause there is def bread to be made and proper promotion obtained without all the high profile shit on mixtape websites and industry politics.