DJ Reflex – Bumpin My Music Vol. 3

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For those that don’t know I’ve know Reflex for a minute now and I tend to be hardest on the people that I actually know and broke bread with because I want to see them do their best. Considering the releases he had two years ago up until know he’s come full circle. You would think coming full circle shit would be classic shit but like I said I’m most critical of the cats I know personally. Let’s get it in.

Reflex has a formula where he caters to the exclusive fans and the ladies. Shit he said it himself, “90% of his fans wear high heels”. Thats a good market cause the ladies spend $$ plus you get major “vagina exposure”. That Jay Z freestyle wasn’t a freestyle though, shit was off the Mick Boogie remix to Ray Cash’s bumpin’ my music. Shit fits the title of the CD perfectly. Cat’s are starting to wake up on Politic, his freestyle had me open on some rock you in the face stab ya brain with ya nose bone. We all know “Ghetto Story” is a hit but with Alicia Keys on the remix shit is classic. Hands down the best Rick Ross joint to drop besides “Push It” is “Flippin’ Dat” with Nina Sky. This track is smooth in the ride people. “Hollywood” by Politic surprised me. I’m not a big fan of the “radio” track but he did his thing thing and the fact shit is getting some spins is a credit to the grind.

Reflex sticking to his formula; some exclusives, throw in a reggae tinged joint or two, some shit for the ladies and tadow. I know he’s trying to get to the three tape club but there’s nothing wrong with your shit being “cop’able”. I’m still shaking my head that he played that RL diss record to 112 & Jagged Edge. Next and G Unit is comedy.