DJ Reflex – Reflex Radio 5

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The “603” stick-up kid is back in the building. I know Reflex personally and I’ve giving him difficult reviews from time to time cause truthfully what kind of friend would I be if I said the shit was fire but it was really just average. I know he can rock a party, his mic game is up to par and he’s been making strides with the mixtape formula the last few drops but this joint right here has to be the most polished project yet.

Good to see Reflex going to the unsigned cats early in the mix. Politic on “Get Money” is banging out bars with that Melvin from Baby Boy thug ya mother type flow. I think its going to be a good second half of the year for D-Block. They have their creative control back so if it doesn’t pop off with these Koch releases it may just be a wrap. Jada on “Dope Game” is a savage on the MIC. Same with J-Hood on “Ice Cream”; giving heads that mixtape music…Tales from the Hood coming soon! LOL If you don’t already listen to Joell Ortiz then you must be snapping your fingers and doing stares…which are cool but up top we fuck with lyrics. “125 Grams Pt. 2” is that flip a pack music. Ras Kass is and will forever be a beast on the MIC. I found it funny he set the track off cause I would hate to follow that dude on any song. The surprise track of the CD was Bully on “5 In the Morning”. This shit was type smooth man, cats sounding like they really got potential now. The most ignorant ass track has to be Lil Wayne with “Get High Rule The World”. I know the shit is old but it still is garbage…what the fuck is he saying anyway? Lump this on in with “Prostitute Flange”…Lil Wayne is suspect. That Politic track at the end of the CD was crazy too, got cut short but Politic proves why he is the sleeper MC of the whole project.

I’m about to split a dutch and listen to this again. The thing that’s improved the most to me for Reflex is the balance in the music. Reflex got your D-Block freestyles, he got your unsigned bangers and he improved his drops ten fold. There is some thought into the track list too, having each track flow into the next with a purpose. The one constant throughout is the energy Reflex brings to the table. That same energy translates well from a live gig to the mixtape; the vibe is def there and that gives the listener something to grasp to ultimately play the CD over and over again.