DJ Rhude – Block Muzik 13

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We used to call this “kick a bitch in the twizat music”, now that we’ve grown up we’ll call it “fuck a chic in the project stairway music”. What’s the difference between the two? Nothing, I just wanted to type both sayings, guess I’ve yet to grow up. Hahaha. On the real tho. We hadn’t heard anything from Rhude in a minute. I know the quality of music has been fucking with him lately, pushing him to the brink of running up in a label taking hostages. Seriously, it’s that bad musically. To quote my esteemed collegue Dimez: “someone donkey punched the shit out of the game”.

Have you heard “Deadly Combination 08”? That’s my favorite track right now. That’s a serious line up with Sha Stimuli, Ali Vegas and Big Lou. They’re part of that east coast revolution. I fuck with “Slaughterhouse” too. Point blank Crooked I bodied all of them. Joell came in a close second. I still don’t think Grafh gets his due lyrically. Rhude always has a slot on every mixtape for dude but a lot of NY DJs too busy licking the Souths nuts to even pay attention. “Give It Up” got so many punchlines Lloyd Banks is scared to drop. There was a time when “Lose Your Life” would have set off whole mixtapes, now not so much. I don’t know what’s next for Papoose but “All That” wasn’t really all that. lol He’s good tho, got his Jive money and he’s fed. Def doesn’t sound as hungry as he used to. Contrary to what some believe if you’re gonna have a Block Muzik mixtape you need some D-Block. “This Goes Out” is my shit. Classic scorch your speakers music. Laz and Joey Bags drop another jewel woth “St Laz Did It”. So important to stay consistent and these two def keep the music flowing.

Always solid music from DJ Rhude. It’s never easy taking the road less traveled especially when it comes to music. Rhude continues on tho as do the rest of us east coast fans with the mantra of “good music will continue to be supported”.

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!! | November 28, 2008 10:00 AM | Reply

owwwwwwwww Dj Rhude back in da buldin!!!

T-Rex | November 30, 2008 1:36 PM | Reply

Where can I buy this?