DJ Rhude – Block Muzik 14

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This is quality hip hop music right now. Its not gimmicks or wack lyrics or dances or overly swag-ful rhyming. Straight raw rhyming over neck brace required beats is what you get with every Block Muzik release. Not only that its east coast heavy and lord knows the east needs all the help it can get.

Saigon vs Budden? Hell no, that’s for suckers who swim in “reality” tv and rock tight jeans with cowboy boots. Its all about Timbs and chubby freaky broads with pretty mouths and fat pocket books. Ya’ll hear La The Darkman eat that beat for “Like Thunder”? Dude stays severly underrated as an MC. Best believe most MCs are scared of dude too when it comes to MIC skills. La giving lessons in flow-ology with this one. Thank you, I”m glad someone played “1982” on a mixtape. Lil Fame did his thing and he’s underrated like a mutha fucka. I don’t really rock with Cassidy like that and it was probably the beat but “Where Cass At” was hard as concrete. “You a pussy hole, you used to do the tootsie roll..” Hahaha classic. Big Lou got a new mixtape out, go find that shit cause you know the lyrics will be sharp as 20 machete’s. The word play is wicked on “Emcess You Wanna Be” too. I’m rocking with Snyp Life on that “Fly Like an Eagle” joint too. I can listen to that all day man. The one they call Cambatta got some shit off with “Voice of God” freestyle. Dude got something to say, no denying that. Shout to Wiz Hoffa man cause I can def relate to “I’m So Tired”. One of my favorite tracks up on here and the punch lines were witty and proper too.

I fuck with Rhudes mixtapes because he understands mixtape flow. There’s no jamming in “new shit” where it doesn’t fit. If it doesn’t vibe it doesn’t get burn or it just flat out gets in where it fits in. No compromises just dope music played with a purpose and that’s really what true mixtape Block Muzik is all about.

DJ 2MELLO!!!!!!!!!!! | January 21, 2009 8:32 PM | Reply


DJ Nice | January 22, 2009 3:30 AM | Reply

Shout to Rhude the series goes strong …

“The one they call Cambatta got some shit off with “Voice of God” freestyle.”

Appreciated the nod !

OJ Loopz | January 22, 2009 9:03 AM | Reply

Good shit Rhude….consistent quality.

I need to get hold of this one.

Raze Uno | January 22, 2009 7:03 PM | Reply

“This is quality hip hop music right now.” cant deny that about dj rhude’s block muzik tapes