DJ Rhude – Block Muzik 15: Blood On The Block

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All you fake ass mixtape fans need to break yo self and cop you a DJ Rhude mixtape. Ya’ll quick to cop a mixtape with a pretty cover and a big as turd of a mixtape on the actual CD. Stop thinking you know everything and let a DJ with a good ass ear for music put you on to what truly is “good music”.

The Block Muzik series continues and rightfully so. Can you hear these 50 Cent songs on other mixtapes? Sure but what you don’t get is them mixed with Blaq Poet on the “Ain’t Nuthing Changed” Premo remix. Or…Nas’ “Something Foul”. That’s the Nas I know and love musically. Talk about watching an MC grow over the years. Make you wonder where B.I.G would be at right now. If you ain’t fucking with “Conglomerate” you might be deaf. That shit goes hard like fake titties and a bottle of Viagra. Lyrically no one. Not even Nas is fucking with Big Lou on “Kick In The Door”. Well, OK Kool G Rap might with his verse on “Whar”. That track was a rare jewel for real. The sleeper MC of the project is Reks. What does an MC have to do these days? “System” is an anthem, not only that if this dropped say in 1995 ya’ll would have been callin Reks THE next MC to take over the world. Arlis Michaels and Laz shinning on that “Block Muzik” freestyle. Boaz getting shine too with “How It Was Supposed to Be”. Boaz right now will give you favorite rapper a run for their money. Quote me on that.

Don’t make me hold you down and punch you in your ear. Get ya mixtape shit together and get up on DJ Rhudes mixtapes. Doesn’t matter which series because he drops bangin’ joints every time out the box and Block Muzik 15 is no different.