DJ Rhude – Block Muzik 8 & 9

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If you don’t already know, block muzik is not just an east coast thing…its a world wide epidemic. I say epidemic because as the mainstream support of hip hop decreases by the month all you will be left with is block muzik and its making these major labels sick…which is ok by me. This go around Rhude slaps the shit out of you with Block Muzik 8 which lets the spot light shine on everyone out side the east coast but he brings the light back with #9 and well that’s ok by me too.

The beat for “On Sum Chrome” is crazy as cat shit, wasn’t really diggin’ Three Six Mafia like that but Bun B got it in. I had to rewind “Just Tryna Make It” by Freddie Gibbs…the flow is potent people you need to get yourself up on some Freddie Gibbs music. “Living in the hood far from Beverly Hills / momma smoking on a joint listening to Stephanie Mills”…ahhh man Crooked I is nice with his and he flipped “Boyz N Da Hood” real serious too. The punch lines get heavy with Willie The Kid on “Get Your Paper Up”. That’s one MC that cats don’t want to see bar for bar. The other MC on Vol. 8 you don’t want to see is Max Minelli. “You Gota Love Me Baby” is my shit and sounds crisp as hell in my ride. The hit of Vol. 8, to me anyway, is “Keep It Pimpin” with Freddie Gibbs and Ray Cash. If this isn’t theme music for the block then I give up…and cats were switching flows like it was nothing too. Out west Ya Boy doing his thing, “Precise Gang” is that true “tommy gun and swisha” music. Good to see Phoenix Jones up on here too, “Beast Within” got that wicked word play…and a Big Chew shout out too!

DJ Rhude isn’t a normal DJ man just for the simple fact he got MC Lyte hosting Block Muzik 9 and he got her on some gangsta shit…that’s big. Geolani, Montega and Lady Lyric trade verses on some exclusive shit aptly titled “Block Muzik”. I don’t know what it is man but I can listen to “Blow Your Mind” for days and that remix is the shit. Just a dope ass song and Swizz kills the hook, I gotta give he props. The hit of Vol. 9 is Ali Vegas on “Town Bought It”…straight head not material and you gotta rewind to soak it all in. Evil Eye on “Paper Thing 2008” got me with the screw face right now…home girl murk’d that shit with ease. “My World Is Empty Without You” is the joint too. Prodigy laced it, that adversity brings out the best in cats man, no lie. That Noyd joint “Things Done Changed” is fire too…go cop his new album when it drops. I didn’t like “Paper Touching” when I first heard it but it grew on me. Red Cafe one of BKs best on the MIC, gotta respect that cats skills.

Man, the young boy mixtape fans sleeping on DJ Rhude right now but it’s all good. It’s only a matter of time tho, your regular exclusive mixtape cats falling off quicker than Bubs finding a bag of dope on the ground. You know these projects are mixed to the “T” but if I had to pick one over the other……..I’m ridin’ with Vol. 8. That shit truly had me open and truth be told cats giving MC on Vol. 9 a run for their money in the lyrical department.