DJ Rhude – Block Muzik Vol. 6

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It is most def time for some new Block Muzik. Where are all the east coast DJs at? Damn shame if you ask me. Cats wanna drop best of Lil Wayne mixtapes now and internet compilations with $$ in their eyes. You’re all lame. DJ Rhude stands for something while ya’ll fall for whatever is hot at the moment. See DJ Rhude mixtapes are a lot like We don’t do it for the money we do it for the love of the game. Cats are some what financially stable which affords you the luxury to do what you want to do and do it how you want to do it…creative freedom is a beautiful thing.

Rhude has Sky Zoo sitting shotgun this time and rightfully so. He consistently hits you with that Block Muzik but with a purpose…a message…and some fly shit mixed in. “Never Sleep” got that soul, that music you can touch, feel and relate to. I’ll say it again and again…”Smile” is the best song 50 Cent put out this year. Bout time a DJ showed love to “Saved”. Saigon is slept on with the word play but best believe he can string some ill ass words together all while getting his message across. We need the beat for “Survival In the City” to leak so we can get some proper mixtape flips of it. The Lox version is cool but that beat is too dope to be wasted just on them. Picture and ill story being told over that shit not just some shit talking Lox music. Saigon needs to flip that beat proper. How come “Dumb It Down” isn’t getting mixtape burn? The beat is crazy and Lupe is saying something. What, cats don’t like to think hard when it comes to Hip Hop? I think Grafh’s bars were lost on the beat for “Victory”. He was saying some ill shit but the beat just didn’t cut it. I’m actually excited to cop the new Jay Z “concept” album. I’m not however a fan of “Blue Magic”; beat was ehhh. I see Geolani still making the rounds with “Let My Tape Rock”…might just be mixtape track of the year…you never know. The horns got me open on “Ride Out”…good to hear a Ron Brownz again; Sky Zoo catches a body on this joint too. Don’t sleep…”Blow My Mind” is a hit record waiting to happen. Normally I would give Swizz a hard time (pause) but this hook is crazy; let’s see if Styles can work this record properly. Surprisingly “E=MC2” was on rewind for a minute. I’m not a huge J Dilla fan but Common spit acid on that joint. Two MCs you need to be checking for is Donny Goines and Freddie Gibbs. Gibbs was in Rapmullet’s first “Come Up Section” way back when and he’s steady doing his thing. Why Ransom gotta be on the end of the CD Rhude?? Lol, I’m playing but damn if “Duffle Bag Boy” and “Flashing Lights” aren’t some of the best bars on this whole CD; the punch lines are heavy weight man.

Honestly I don’t have to say anything else. It’s DJ Rhude, it’s the Block Muzik Mixtape Series and if you don’t know the shit speaks for itself. Now go cop it.