DJ Rhude & DJ Scream – Got Now Pt. 3 NY/ATL

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Rhude and Scream most certainly “got now” up in the Rapmullet review section. Grafh is hosting and rightly so because if there’s one MC who truly has now in NYC its Grafh. “Queens NY” got mixtape all over it. Straight extortion music at it’s finest…”now if we rob you / you have to buy it back unless I give it to you / but then you’ll still be back in debt / cause now you owe me / now I’ma want half your check either that or give me half your neck.” Hahahaha. Rappers getting robbed for jewelry is a fuckin’ sport. Who’s “All About The Grip”? Esso, A-Smash, and Sha Stimuli that’s who. Now this is “exclusive” music at it’s finest. Ransom giving warnings on “World War 4″…”cause it’s all about money and heat / if you don’t come to compete / competitors will leave your lung on the street.” I haven’t too much from Aasim but “Sunshine & Rain” is dope as hell. The bars are slick and there’s a message in the music too. You know LG represented on “BK Boom” while U.G. did the same on “I Do What I Do”…two MCs that will eat most of NYC alive on the MIC. It wouldn’t be a proper Rhude project without some Termanology. “4 The Fam” is classic..ST coming together to do their thing. Its good to hear Red Cafe too. “Setting Up Shop” is all Brooklyn…it’s time Red Cafe blew the fuck up too. Ali Vegas the Prince of NYC murders that “Old School” shit like a true vet. If you up on mixtapes at all I know you got that new Skyzoo joint. “Hold Tight” is giving you that balance in hip hop music…the truth over some dope production.

On the DJ Scream side of things we got 4 Ize repping for the team. “Drop Em Off” got that evil sound to but I can dig it. Duce Poppi has a hit with “Do It Again” remix…that beat is something crazy. Willie The Kid got now like a mutha fucka. “Shoot” lyrically got all these other rappers tied up and robbed thinking how they can buy their shit back. Dude is truly the future of this rap shit. Don P murdered the beat for “Muttumbo”. Mad energy on this one and that hook is hilarious. If Gorilla Zoe ain’t got now I don’t know who does. “Yeah” is cool, Zoe got that staple liquid flow that few in the south can touch right now. The best thing about this project to me is that DJs from different regions can come together and rep for the “now” MCs. No ego’s, no bullshit, just good music and the quest to get it heard by the masses. There’s few mixtape DJs that actually break music now but with Rhude and Scream that’s something they do consistently. Cats got that genuine respect in the game. Not that “respect cause you got money” type of respect either. See that’s where the game is fucked up. Money will get cats attention but will not earn near the respect you get from a genuine grind like these two DJs accomplish on the daily.