DJ Rhude – Freaky Flows

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This is quite the mixtape concept. It’s simple yet there’s nothing like it out right now…that means Rhude is thinking. Not only that he’s got Karrine Steffans hosting and rhyming on the intro. Now for the morons out there in the world the title is Freaky Flows. So that means each track is on some sex shit…get it “freaky”(sex talk)….”flows”(rhyming). You would think its self explanatory but honestly cats are dumb as rock these days. Props to Rhude on the concept.

The first joint that caught my ear was Section 8 with “Fuckin Wit Me”. The back and forth between the male and female was cool…cats got flow over some mello shit. Sky Zoo got the ill hook with “Stop Frontin”. MCs need to take notes on this one, that delivery is polished like a vet. Nazarine fucking with like three different flows on “Want My Sex”and she was hitting notes on the hook. You got to take “Got A Story To Tell” literally cause that’s what Big Sean did on this mixtape flip. No lie tho I probably would have hit old girl and caught those genital warts….naw man I’m just fucking with you. lol Its crazy to hear Question on “Turn Off The Lights” cause dude brings so much energy on every track but his versatility shows thru on this one. That one line; “I want to cut your pussy like a garden trimmer” had me rolling. Best track on here, and there’s alot of dope MC on here, was Max Minelli with “Beat It Up”. Ahh man, the bass mixed with that flow is some. This cat is so slept on. The title of most unique track goes to Osolo with “Remind Me”. I never heard this before and I really didn’t know what to think about it. Keeping it all the way honest with cats I can’t fuck with Grafh when he’s on that punk smooth shit. “Didn’t Say A Word” was a difficult listen for me. I prefer Grafh on that Block Muzik shit.

You peep the mixtape cover? I listened to the outro and Superhead said to rewind the CD and jack off to it but fuck that I just grabbed the cover and rubbed one out real quick. I’m not scared, plus she look good. Playing “Put it In Your Mouth” as a bonus track was fitting too, that’s like this broads theme music so it’s all good.