DJ Rhude & Grafh – Grafh Radio

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I had someone tell me that Grafh was just ok as an MC, he was “an acquired taste”. I responded saying “it’s like this. Either you like good music and a dope lyricist; especially for saying acquired taste”. Seems simple enough to me. To all you out there close ya ears Grafh is back with another project. DJ Rhude is doing his part in feeding the streets right now, especially the east coast heads. The timing is right with this one for both DJ and MC. Following up Autografh is no easy feat but I don’t expect him too. I expect some good music tho and I expect it to be delivered in a way that will make me listen to it over and over again for a good couple of months.

First props to Rhude on the “interviews”. I mean cats have used interviews on mixtapes before but rarely do they actual do the interviews themselves and the shit is exclusive to this mixtape. You get to hear some of Grafh’s history, his come up and where’s he’s going all while getting new music and classics. “Watchin Me” is that shit, that anthem, that joint that makes you look fly in your ride when you bump it. You hear the beat for “Tonight We Dine In Hell” and you think the shit might be soft as a feather but not with Grafh on that shit. Hook was ehhh to me but the bars are some of the realest shit you might ever hear. I could quote some lyrics but that would make it easy for you, cop the CD and listen for yourself. That classic “Shook Ones Freestyle” is the wheel; the word play is that top notch shit and the it’s a lesson in doing ad-libs too. The real rare jewel of the project is that joint with Prodigy; “Hot Wheels”. I couldn’t stop bumping this one…Grafh said “you ever seen 27 ½ inch wheels? / see my truck looking half Hummer half wheel chair”. Hahaha, classic. “Chicks In The Living Room” is still a hit. It should have got more mixtape support since the radio isn’t about to run with it but it is what it is. “Getting Dough” is that slow flow with the witty bars…hooks was somewhat predictable but the shit was fly overall. Rhude wrapped up the project nicely with that “Shadowboxing Freestyle”; that people is classic mixtape music.

Grafh said in the last interview clip that he’s got an album tentatively set to drop in the fall and if it’s anything like the parts of Autografh that he leaked last year cats are in for some hot shit. This project right here tho has perfect balance. Balance between original tracks, freestyles old and new and of course the exclusive interview clips. If Rhude was smart, and he is, this will become a series where he can showcase each artist that he’s been building with over the last few years. It will become just another important piece of the puzzle for artist and their promotion and ultimately will have DJs saying “fuck a drop…let me get a full fledge interview”!