DJ Rhude – Hip Hop Soul 11

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How many of ya’ll remember early to mid 90’s Hip Hop Soul? Not that late overly used Rodney Jerkins bullshit 90s sound either. I’m talking bout Total, SWV, Keith Sweat, Jodey Watley, Case, Mary J, Jodeci, Toni Braxton in that white one piece leather jump suit…good god! I think I would have ate the pussy through the jump suit…no lie. There’s too many acts to name from that time period and I don’t really want it to go back to that time period but it would be nice to have the same diversity that that particular time period game us. Rhude is back on some R&B;/Hip Hop/Soul shit and given his track record with the Hip Hop joints it should be real interesting how he presents this project and what songs he’s fucking with.

I don’t know how many people are fucking with Amerie’s new shit but the cats I know are def open off her new album. “Gotta Work” sounds like a hit, I guess her label is taking the typical R&B; promotional route with her project and will work this over the whole year. Natasha hitting the high notes in “So Sick” was a rough listen. Is that Jerkins behind this song too? Having chic’s singing about being 17 up in the club with fake ids and shit…reminds me of the broad Akon humped on stage. The Clipse was dope on this track tho. The catchiest and probably the funkiest (yea I said funkiest) track on here is Sterling Simms with “Nasty Girl”. This is that feel good/roller skate music with a lil soul vibe thrown in for good measure. As far as radio joints go, “Get It Shawty” is the wheel. I look like a complete ass in my ride when this comes on. Budden laced the remix too, he’s got the ability to hop on some commercial shit and maintain that credibility…I give him credit. Nore on the other hand…”crunk up the jam / crunk it up”??? Come on Nore! And Joc want’s a bitch with jaws like a great white? Hell no. I’m on that old school suck a golf ball through a rubber hose type of bitch. Rhude on the transition into “Addicted” was smooth too. You gotta dig when cats actually get their mix on and know what their doing. If there’s a hell it probably plays “Like This” 24 hours a day. I don’t know what it is but I can’t stand that song. Maybe its the pots and pans used to make the beat…listen close and see what I mean. Speaking of that classic 90s R&B; sound…”Don’t Be a Fool” is it. Remo slides through for quick feature on here as well. Back on that smooth shit is Bobby Valentio with “That Thing”; def formulaic but still very smooth. My favorite joint hands down was Megan Rochelle with “Heartbreak”. This track has some soul to it people don’t sleep. Amerie got soul on “Needed To See” as well. These are def the sleeper tracks of the CD.

Rhude is just doing it up real smooth on this on. No crazy loud shout outs or drops, beat matched transitions and when he didn’t beat match he was working the fader bringing in the next joint while keeping the timing/tempo up to par with the previous track. Music wise shit was cool as a fan, a nice mix of mainstream remix joints along with a couple new jewels. R&B; mixtapes don’t really get too much burn in my ride, two or three days max usually so if you make it three days you know the shit was done properly and this CD def went the distance.