DJ Rhude – Hip Hop Soul Vol. 12

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Honestly, it’s been raining outside all day today and I really don’t feel like listening to R&B. I will however keep grindin’ like two mixtape review trains in the night. Trey Songz is hosting so it can’t be all bad but at this point if I’m in the R&B mood I’ll pop in Mary J’s self titled album as well as R.Kelly’s and just about every album from either Donell Jones or Case and maybe some Karyn White too. That would actually be a dope idea for an R&B mixtape…Donell Jones Vs. Case…don’t sleep.

“No Clothes On” is smooth and it’s catchy. I can def see this song doing well. I don’t know how cats hit those high notes without getting a testicle smashed. Fab is the perfect MC on R&B tracks because he can dumb down some shit better than anyone. “Clean up very nicely / shoes are kind of pricey / match ‘em up precisely.” Wow, good work if you can get it tho…song is wack juice. One thing I noticed about Mario is he or his camp always fucks with some dope writers. His songs always tend to have some sort of substance or should I say couth about them. “No Definition” is no different. I’ve tried to get into Megan Rochelle, not literally, but her music sounds mad generic to me for some reason. “Mistake” is cool I guess but it got’s no soul to it man, very formulaic. On the flip side, Keshyia Cole’s new album got some joints on it. “Shoulda Let You Go” is the current hit but she will be eating off this album well into 2008 if the label works it right. Flat out I don’t care for Chris Brown, gotta be honest. I think Chris Brown and I think puppet artist who dances…sorry people. “Wall To Wall” with Jadakiss is ehhhh…more formulaic crap. I honestly like how they flipped “When I See U”. Fantasia can sing a lil something. I hope Red Café and DJ Envy’s Co-Op does well. Both those cats deserve the success; “Things You Do” is cool, recycled hook and all. Why Fabolous gotta be on the “How Can I Breathe” remix? He getting checks tho, can’t hate on it. “Kiss, Kiss” is just…wow. How long will it take for the “machine” to try to force this down the people’s throats? I’d rather eat a fat girls ass after she ran a mile while eating Taco Bell than listen to this song. The song not to sleep on is “The Last Time”. Trey Songz getting his mellow groove on.

Props to Rhude for mixing this joint…he was on point skill wise. Dead ass real this is one of my last R&B reviews for a while. I just don’t have the love for the genre like that anymore. I’m an old school head on the R&B tip so it is what it is. Maybe if the rain stops I’ll be in a better mood but after I knock out one more R&B mixtape after this it’s an R&B review wrap, unless I can find someone to take it over.