DJ Rhude – Lyrical Mass Murda : Best of Termanology

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If there is one cat who is the lord and savior of east coast music its Termanology. There are other MCs who are as potent on the MIC in the east but for that all around mass appeal (no pun) the futeur is Termanology. To those people who have never heard the man rhyme this is the CD to make you an instant fan. Collectors get collecting…another DJ Rhude project that the hits like a spiked bat.

I’ve heard the majority of the music on here cause I’m a fan first so its only right I highlight the true exclusive “Buck 50” Freestyle. Even on his freestyles he brings a concept to the table. The one song you have to bump is “Born Alone, Die Alone”…too many jewels to highlight just one. You get everything on one track; word play, story telling, with a crisp ass delivery. I still marvel at “55 DJs”, I’m waiting on part 2 tho. Rhude going back with the classic “Desert Eagle”. This joint was on extra heavy rotation back when it dropped and Terms verse was a welcome addition. We need that Tony Sunshine album to drop already. Joell Ortiz and Term is a great collaboration, (We Gon Bang) hope to see these two on a track again in the future. This wouldn’t be a best of Termanology withouth “100 Jewels”. Roc Raida on the beat and Termanology got yard with the bars. You rarely hear an MC as focused as Termanology is on this joint. Two tracks that were slept on were “Far Away” with its heartfelt horns and “Can’t Turn Back” with the overall message.

I can’t remember a DJ Rhude release that has been sub par this year. Yet…you never see his CDs on these mixtape websites. Zzzzzzzzz like a mutha fucka. He’s moving units regardless but still, if I was a mixtape site owner this shit right here would be top line material and/or a freebie or package deal with Termanology’s new joint Hood Politics V. Fuck it…Rhude and Termanology both got next whether you see it now or later; it’s inevitable.