DJ Rhude – We Got Now Pt. 2

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It’s the New Movement people….as stated on the title of the CD. Mixtapes as a whole are confused right now, DJs moving like 10 year old girls lost in Manhattan. I was talking to Tapemasta the other day and we were talking about how the mixtape DJs who were popin’ off in the mid 90’s and still doing their thing are loving shit right now…back on that street grind heavy, moving quietly while pushing product and popin’ that trunk. The game never stops people, it changes, it gets flipped on its side every now and then but it never stops. It’s good to be DJ Rhude these days….column in XXL, Block Music section, peep that each month and well he’s got the “We Got Now” mixtape series that hands down actually has exclusive music tailor made for this CD. Yea thats right…like how mixtapes used to be made. And if it’s not exclusive to the CD he’s got each and every artist dropping a co-sign…again like how mixtapes used to be made. See the pattern here?

We got a lot of highlights but we only fucking with the truly shinning stars. Grafh, right from jump, lyrically beats you upon your head and chest with “I’m The Man”. And I quote: “I came in the game / slangin’ the cane / came in swingin’ the thing thing / aiming to bang / and I came with the Black Hand / that’s the name of the game / I came in a black hoody cause I came in the rain / and I came with the black mask / cause I came for your chain.” God damn! If that’s not word play at its finest somebody punch me in my face. Ransom, best in the city man…but you already know this. You don’t listen to Ransom to hear lyrical gymnatics and warm feelings, you listen to Ransom when you bout to go beat up the block. An MC you have to be fucking with this year is Esso. “I’m That Dude” is all Harlem arrogance. He’s one of few MCs that actually knows who he is and spits what he lives. Remo of course laced “Mixtapes Are Dead”, one of the only MCs that really really knows how important mixtapes are to hip hop. Hands down Red Cafe had the best hook on this whole CD with “Playin Wit It”. And I quote: “Its money coming like a horny bitch (repeat) / Hustle man…I’m on my shit.” Watch Red Cafe blow the fuck up in 2007. Ok Ok..were getting to the best part of the CD, no bullshit. Three tracks that ran back to back to back that held down this CD. First, L.G on “The Co-Sign”. One of, if not the hardest (no mo) tracks on the CD. L.G. had the perfect beat for his style. Second, M.A.F with “Lean On Em”. This cat got an effortless flow, best delivery I’ve heard so far this year. And I quote: “truthfully I’m the fucking truth.” That says it all. Third, U.G. with “Glove & Mask Music”. Dead ass real this cat paints the illest picture and he knows how to flip words. MCs today trying to fit too many words in a single bar. U.G. just bounces words like its nothing and that takes skill. And I quote: “soul of a saint / heart of a villian / part hustler / corner hugger / fiends lose weight / H-class flow / spanish ho’s feeding me grapes.” No lie, “Glove & Mask Music” is my favorite track off this CD. I got two MCs left that really really got now…Termanology and Stimuli. Termanology will have if not the best album of 2007 very very close to it. No pressure there at all. lol Stimuli just needs to drop something cause dude is too lyrical for his own good.

No audio clips people. You’re gonna have to go cop this on your own to truly appreciate it. Props to DJ Rhude tho, one of the only mixtape DJs who can actual get cats to make exclusive music for a mixtape. No internet downloads, no fake ass drops, just good music. On a side note for all the DJs reading this, don’t be scared to play a dope track that you might think is “old”. Chances are cats living on the net heard it but the streets haven’t. Do this to feed the streets, the net is already full.