DJ Ritz & Nappy Roots – 90 In The Slow Lane

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Welcome DJ Ritz to the review section. It’s been a minute since I’ve heard any new Nappy Roots music. As a group they have to be some of the most well rounded country ass dudes to touch a MIC. I mean the whole “hip hop group” concept has been on the low for a while but like I said in a previous review not too long ago that shit is coming back like mullet’s and tube socks. Ok maybe not tube socks but peep the dynamic. Fans of hip hop music need a group of MCs to feed their musical soul. How many solo MCs can hold down a whole album and keep your ear locked to the music from beginning to end? Not many, but that’s where the group comes in to play. Each member with a unique sound, style and flow giving you relevant real life content in the rhymes. Damn, I think I just amped myself up with that line. Let’s see how it is doing 90 in the slow lane with the Nappy Roots sitting shotgun.

The first track to hold my ear and get me to rewind shit was “Child Of God”. The flows man, the flows be killing shit; rapid fire is underrated like a mutha fucka. Dude said “squeeze cheese out the concrete”, I’m def gonna have to use that in a review sometime. Nappy Roots claiming that slow country shit but ain’t nothing slow about their rhymes…and that’s the truth. Big V said “mean mutha fucka in back of the church cussin”. Good to see Roam Bad Daddy on “GA Woods”. I wasn’t really up on the hook like that but this joint got a ill bounce to it. “Sometimes” is that deep-soulful-inspirational type music. MCs don’t come real like this anymore. Big V broke down Nappy’s whole shit and who can’t relate to that? A topic that’s lost on rap cats now days is war; that’s war abroad and war at home. Peep “Boulevard ” people….pure soul music right there. This right here is my favorite track easy. “Who That Is” remix is like focused confusion if that makes sense. Maybe it’s just that beat but Magno had me rewinding shit with the rest of them trying to break down this track line for line. Were there some missteps on here? Hell yea but not many. “Move Ya Body” was cliche’ and “That’s What They Say” sounded watered down beat wise: not diggin’ that beat. The sleeper track gotta be the Billy Kayd freestyle; this joint got bass for days and the flow is crazy as cat shit.

Props to Ritz aka “Americas Favorite Cracka” for putting this project together and letting Nappy Roots shine like a mutha fucka. We’re gonna keep this short and sweet. Anytime you put six lyrically gifted MCs from the country, which actually have something to say, together on mixtape you’re bound to be doing 90 in the slow lane. Keep ya ears open for Nappy Roots ya’ll it’s only the prelude to The Humdinger…droping in March.