DJ Roli Fingaz & DJ Chill Will – Fire Blends Pt. 8

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In this industry people exist strictly for themselves. They get rich and very seldom do they let the others who came before them benefit from their new found fame. I have always considered ROLI FINGAZ a professional and with the release of “FIRE BLENDS PART 8”, he shows that he is a man in the industry, but not of it. People had forgotten about CHILL WILL, but with the release of several CD’s, he has clawed his way back from incarceration. Everyone is showing him love, but it is refreshing to see a DJ who is hot right now, reach out to him.

ROLI is nice at what he does, but CHILL WILL clearly brought the best out of him. The format for “FIRE BLENDS PART 8” is unique for collaboration projects. Each DJ remixes three or four songs before the other takes his turn. Unlike other releases, there are no long pauses or words of endorsement from entertainers who know the DJ’s. This is quality at it’s best. Let me point out a few of the remixes that displayed the skill of ROLI & CHILL. ROLI took it to the next level when he used three old school R&B instrumentals to back NINA SKY’S “MOVE YOUR BODY”. The R KELLY “HAPPY PEOPLE” remix by CHILL WILL is a lesson in simplicity and smooth transitions. ROLI has been a consistent contributor to RAPMULLET.COM, but this is by far his finest hour. It is one thing to shine, but truly another to shine next to a star in the business like CHILL WILL. If this is an example of things to come, it is going to be a long summer mixtape fans. Congratulations ROLI FINGAZ & CHILL WILL, you have created a mixtape classic!