DJ Roli Fingaz – Kool Breeze R&B : Old to New

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Welcome Roli Fingaz back to the mixtape game. It’s been a minute but the game def needs him. Time for some of you fake, non-mixing, max out ya mom’s credit card so called DJs to fall back. Not only can Roli Fingaz mix he’s got an ear for music that you can’t buy online through pay pal. I peeped this track list and was like fuck the new R&B;, just give ’em that classic shit. That Mary J, that Jodeci, that Gina Thompson and that Dru Hill.

Who reading this can actual say they got their freak on to “Come And Talk To Me”? The beat to this joint is tight, Puffy was on his game back then. Shit…I can remember hearing “Touch Me, Tease Me” on a Clue tape back when it came out on the Nutty Proffessor Sndtrk. Show of hands….who ones a copy of Case’s first album? Ok my 90’s R&B; heads put ya hands down. Another question for you, what soundtrack was Mona Lisa’s joint “Can You Tell Me” on? I’ll give you a hint…it had something to do with drinking your juice in the hood. Straight up if you don’t fuck with “Happy” you’re a lame. I don’t give a fuck! “Smokin’ blunts on the veranda with Amanda / She’s fillin’ your head with he said, she said / Poppa doin’ this, Poppa doin’ that / But don’t tell him I said it ’cause my Jeep might get wetted / Forget it, go on take her word like the Koran / Ya’ll stay friends, I’ll stay and smoke Phil Benzs.” Ahh man Biggie laced that verse. I can same the same for that Total album, Puff on his game still, “Tell Me” was the shit. The sleeper track of the CD….Jim Jones and Cherri Dennis on “I Love You”. You thought I was gonna stay on that 90’s shit didn’t ya.

Roli got a nice little project right here. The balance of old to new is straight, I mean I could have fucked with all 90’s shit but the mix was cool as fan. I’m telling ya’ll. Pop this in the whip on your next road trip and you’re good to go; no need to fast forward nothing. Its feel good music people, enjoy this shit and be glad you got to hear that drop again….”Roli give ’em the finga!”