DJ Rondevu – Best Of The Gang

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Word on the street is 50 Cent and G-Unit bought to bring it back to the days of “No Mercy, No Fear”. Who better to capture that sound and make them sound like that anyway regardless if they want to bring it back to those days or not. That’s what Rondevu does and has been doing for years…creating his own exclusives and making MCs sound better than they do normally.

The best part of the into…50’s line “call this my new shit but it ain’t new tho”. That’s Ronevu’s whole shit right there…new mixtape but it really aint new tho. There’s not many DJs who can take old music and make it sound brand new but that’s why Rondevu is who he is. How fitting is that “Don’t Wanna Talk About It” is one of the weakest joints on here and it’s a “new” 50 track. It’s not a bad track but peep 50s flow…it’s loose like ass cheeks and ragged pussy lips. “Ni99az” is that joint that makes you want to commit a felony. Tell me this Rondevu blend isn’t better than the original track. Same goes for “All 4 The Cash”. He took some bars from a fluffy ass track “Cake” and made that shit into some shit that leaves dents in the pavement….and through a scratched hook on it. For those not familiar with Rondevu’s mixtapes, he always finds a way to make Young Buck shine like a mutha fucka…gotta be one of his favorite artist cause he’s always represented well on every release; “Do It Myself” is the epitome of that on this project along with 2/3 of the other tracks on here. The blend that I had to rewind a few time was “We Don’t Play Around”. Ahhh man, this was truly that hustle off the beeper music. “Soon You’ll Understand” is the thug ya mother blend of the mixtape. Alchemist + G Unit = good ass music.

I remember a couple years ago we used to always talk about making your own exclusive on Rapmullet, cats were doing their thing but now…seems like only a couple DJs still doing that. I have nothing else to say about the project, just go cop that joint and add it to the Rondevu collection. If you don’t have a Rondevu collection you need to get that back stock all the way back to Knights OF The Round Table and The Four Horsemen.